No this is not going to be a travelogue, but so many of my friends out there want to know what the Gold Coast is like.

Just over 50 years ago the Gold Coast was going from a sleepy holiday village to a town where people wanted to live. They didn’t just want to enjoy the beautiful weather only on their holidays, they wanted permanent residence here.

Before this time the area had mainly been used to provide timber for both Brisbane and Sydney. The main timbers were cedar, beech, ash, teak and mahogany. The land had been surveyed in 1934 and there were originally only 70 blocks on offer at Broadbeach. These were mainly purchased by the timber cutters so they could build a home for themselves and their family.

This area is about 60 miles south of our state capital Brisbane. About seventy years ago with the advent of more cars on the road the Coast was discovered by a few more people but one smart developer decided to build a hotel here. It was called the Lennons of Broadbeach.
The locals called it the Broady. Now for those of you who have not a lot to do with Australians we are famous for shortening everything we can.
So before I go on… just see what I mean…

Vegimite ( a spread we have on toast) became vegi. The U turn became the U-E (said as two separate letters). The mosquito became the mozzie and an Australian became an Aussie. The postman became – yes you have probably guessed it – the postie and don’t forget we often do not say we live in Australia but we live in the Land of Oz.

Before that the only accommodation was what you provided for yourself. People would haul their caravans or pitch a tent right along the beach front.

Caravan parks sprung up everywhere and these places provided the basic facilities for just a few dollars per night.
Then some people decided to start buying the beach front land but because we did not even have a council, the land was the property of the state and you had to purchase your land from the state government.

Some clever people bought land for only a few hundred dollars and built holiday homes. This same land some 60 years later is valued at about 6 million dollars a block.


You read it correctly. Most of the original lots were an acre or more. There are very few left at that size now because people have sub-divided and put their newer homes on smaller blocks.

It didn’t take long for the word to get around how great it was to live here and 40 years ago there was a massive development overhaul of the entire beach front area. Then the council turned their attention to the suburbs and started providing infrastructure for the residents who were moving here.

People were realizing that with no pollution and plenty of space, this was the place they were going to move their family to live. Visitors poured in from the southern states, and quickly bought up the land.

Families started moving into the suburbs; house and land packages were around the $50,000 mark. Now around this same area a three bedroom house with two bathrooms and a double garage sells for ten times that amount.

The Gold Coast of today is very much like Miami Florida. Very similar weather and the beach area is covered with high rises.
We have a saying about the Gold Coast – “Here it is beautiful one day and perfect the next.” This really describes where I live.
Is it any wonder we have been named as one of the best beaches in the world! Since the late eighties tourists have flocked here to enjoy what we have to offer. They want to enjoy our sun, surf and sand not only this, but we have a great range of accommodation and great restaurants. We have become a world famous tourist mecca.

The world famous Surfers Paradise has mainly high rises now and at Broadbeach, which is the next beach down, you will find the tallest residential tower in the world – Q1. Prices per condo started at just over one million dollars when it was built 5 years ago.
Mainly people with families wanted to live in the suburbs so their children had a yard to play in and they could even have a dog or cat as a pet.

We live about ten minutes drive from the beach. So if you are ever in my area let me know.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald