A solo ad is when a product owner pays a marketer to email their list with the owners offer. You have to create a good sales funnel if you really want to benefit from the solo.

To be successful with a solo you must know the quality of the sellers list. Different vendors charge different amounts for solos. The clicks are usually cheaper per click the more you purchase. The average price ranges from 25cents to 50 cents.

What do you need to have a successful solo?

You must have a good offer and there is usually a backend offer as well. If your backend offer converts well, you can often sell enough products to cover the cost of the solo. The next important thing is the subject line of the email. You want a subject line that will get people to open the email. Let them know how the product can help them.

Then we will look at the body of the email. This is where you can really tell them what the product will do for them and why they should sign in to get it. You have to include a call to action here. When they click on the link in the email they will be taken to a squeeze page.

After a person signs in, it depends whether you use double or single optin, what the next action is required of them. Double optin requires that they click a link in an email they have been sent. Single optin will take them to a download or thank you page, where they will be offered your One Time Offer. If they do not want the paid product, there will be a link they can click to download their free gift.

Both the free product and the paid product must be in the same niche. The paid product is often an expansion of the information in the free product.

Some things to do before buying a solo

Before buying a solo, you may want to do a few small swaps and does a split test to see which email converts higher than the other. Test and tweak and when you know which one converts better, you are ready to purchase your solo.

Check out the reputation of the solo ad seller. Check out their testimonials and contact them to see if they are including their buyers list as well. You only want targeted traffic so only ever buy a solo in your own niche.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald