One way to make your blog different to others is to include pictures or images. These images you capture on your computer are known as screen captures or screen shots. There are several free and paid programs that will allow you to get these images. There are three I have used Screenhunter, Jing and Windows Microsoft.

My favorite screen capture is Screenhunter.

capturing an image
I think there is a newer version available. To use this program, it is simply a matter of pressing “Capture Now” and then you see an x and y axis and move (where these lines cross to the top left of the area you want to capture) and move your mouse down to cover the area. Then left click and you will have you image. Then just click “Stand By” to close Screenhunter. If you want to capture a full screen, click the little radio button and then capture now.

One tip that you will need to know when you click “Stand By” it closes down but the next time you click on the short cut, it will move on the task bar to the right of any programs or documents you have open.

The second one is Jing. There is a free and paid version of Jing. I actually prefer this to create videos. There is an instructional video available on Jing showing how to use the program.

I believe that everyone would be familiar with the Windows Microsoft. With Windows Microsoft you capture an image and then you paste it in the document where you want it to go. You can either capture a single image or the full screen. To capture the image use the PRTSC or PRTSCN key. This varies from keyboard to keyboard but it is usually around the same area.

capture an image

To choose between an image or full screen follow these instructions.

Press the print screen key and a capture box will appear and then highlight the area you require and you will capture the highlighted area. Then just copy and paste and put the image where you want it.

There are other programs available but I like Screenhunter.