This has been a very exciting week – at least it would have been had I not fallen and injured myself and had to go get some treatment. I tripped on the corner of a mat and wham I hit the floor. I consider myself very lucky, because although I have some serious bruising, nothing is broken. The doctor tells me another 10 days and I should be able to move a lot freer.

So again this week we got further training via our weekly webinar, we went though the elements required to write a free report. There are two main parts to the report – there is the presentation and also the “filling.” For a subscriber to want your report, it has to be something that is informative to him/her. It has to provide your subscriber with valuable answers to the questions they have regarding your subject.
Now we are starting to move forward and getting set for the traffic. One thing we were required to do was register a new domain where we are going to offer our free report.

Registering a domain is a very important part of your business. Yes if you are serious about your online success, this has to be treated as a business. To choose a domain name I would like to suggest the following. You will have chosen your niche and you want a domain name to reflect that niche. Always buy a dot com and avoid hyphens. So if you have chosen the sub niche of blogging in the Internet Marketing niche, you want the word blogging to be in the domain name.

Write out about twenty names, 2-4 words long, that you could possibly use and number them from 1-20 putting your most popular choice first. Then go to a name registrar and see if your top picks are available. Remember get the most relevant to your niche – one that is easy for people to remember.

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To YOUR success

Sue McDonald