Some may think this is completely off the topic of internet marketing but there are similarities. I just wanted to do a blog about my grandson who has become a very successful surf photographer while still a school student. He taught himself how to do this and is now regarded very highly. He is following his passion and he is having a great deal of success. This year his sponsor company have four trips planned for him going overseas. We, as internet marketers need to have the same type of passion and this will allow us to succeed.

At the age of 12, he decided he would approach people to sponsor him as a surf photographer – bold move for 12 but that is the same age that Steve Jobs contacted Dave Packard. He is sponsored by a body board company. His mother bought him his first camera and within his first month, he was having his pictures published in surfing magazines.

He had a series of photographs on Flickr but he found people were copying his photos and using them so he reluctantly removed them. Unfortunately he has had to remove most of his photos off the internet. He has a Facebook page where he has put up a few photos.( if the link below does not work, copy and paste to your browser)

In August 2009, his sponsor company took him to Western Australia to shoot in Esperance and the Margaret River. His parents let him go for the experience and to enjoy something he is very passionate about.

He has certainly changed to a surfer boy now. If you click in the middle of the photos it will take it to full screen.
Last month, he had 4 photos published in a French surfing magazine and was paid for this. Each photo could sell at the moment from $200 -$500 When his photos are published, he is always paid and he is getting more and more published.

We missed seeing him for Christmas day two years ago because he was contacted by a surfing magazine to do an all day shoot on the Gold Coast. The reason is, we were experiencing waves of 20 feet and more and they wanted some great shots. Some of the beaches have been closed. He is still only paid for the photos that they buy from him.

Jye now has his name embedded in the photos to stop people from using them. So what started as a desire has become a great passion for him. Instead of having to work at KFC or McDonald’s to earn some money, he goes surfing and takes his camera.

Well done Jye! If he could find his passion at such a young age – I am sure you can find yours. As an internet marketer, you must have that inner drive and passion if you are going to succeed just as Jye is doing. You too can climb the ladder of success.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald