Most people are looking for ways to improve their lives in many different ways. Some are looking at personal development while others want to get further education and gain a better career. If you need to improve your skills why not do a course. If you are an internet marketer and need help, you might like to try the List Driven Profits Workshop.Improve your Life

Choose one aspect that you want to improve and put your effort into that. You stand a better chance of making real progress by focusing on a single issue, even if there are others you also want to address. Also, by limiting your focus to one, you allow the change to adjust your personality and become a part of your character. Old habits are hard to break unless you do so slowly and deliberately or replace them with a new habit.

Do not shop because you are bored. Replace shopping with a hobby or a sport. Shopping for comfort can quickly become very expensive, and the bills will add to your stress. Same thing applies to food – do not just eat because you are bored. This will only cause you unhappiness if you start putting on weight.

The key to personal development is being good to your body. Listen to the signals your body sends you: tiredness, hunger, pain or discomfort. Respond right away to them, for the sake of your health. Once you do this, your body will be better able to aid you for the long term. If you disregard your body’s intelligence, you might find in the future that it will not be able to take care of you.

A healthy and positive attitude is the foundation of personal growth. If you do not have a good attitude you will never get as far as you could have. Focus on a positive outlook instead, knowing that this will work for you, and not against you, in achieving your goals.

You have to take action now and do not procrastinate. You can have lots of ideas but make a plan what you want to achieve and put that plan into action. Everything depends on you but that does not mean that you cannot ask for help. Always ask and there will always be someone prepared to help if they can see you are putting in the effort.

Picture how your life is right now and where you want it to be in the future. See your shortcomings. This attitude will help you get started on your journey to improve yourself. If you are unable to recognize this need, you will not be effective in developing yourself to your highest potential.

A useful personal development tip is that you always cherish the things you believe are most valuable. Therefore, see to it that you value the best things in all aspects of your life.

Try to make the most of your time at work and get more done. Take breaks regularly to stay focused on what you need to work on. This may seem wrong, but the truth is that more breaks give you a chance to relax and recharge yourself; when you return to the work at hand, you can be more focused and get many things accomplished.

If you experience anxiety in social situations, ask a friend to join you at the movie theater. Movies are wonderful ways to socialize without feeling like you have to carry on a conversation. This will also help you get used to crowds.

Even when you’re unhappy with your life, it can be hard to find the motivation to change. I have given you some suggestions that can assist you in getting started, but do keep in mind that your dedicated effort is still required. Put some of these ideas into practice and you will see a major shift in your life.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


One of the most important component to list building is rapport and trust. Internet marketers often discuss the idea of list building amongst themselves. It is one of those areas of the online business world that is known to be quite lucrative, but seems to lurk in the shadows when you try to figure out the success formula.An Important Component to List Building

Some marketers seem to have a knack for turning lists into millions of dollars each year while others cannot seem to get one person to sign up for their list. The question becomes: What is the most important component to building a list successfully?

There really is one major part of list building that must be applied for it to work. Without this component, there is no chance that the list will be an income producer. Building rapport and trust: Let’s face facts – no one will sign up to be on the mailing list of a SALES PERSON.

As an example, would you call up your local telemarketer and ask to be put on a monthly list of people they can call and harass? Most likely, you would rather have a root canal than talk to a telemarketer several times a month, right?

Well the same can be said for internet surfers. If they smell a sales pitch, they are going to run the other way. No one wants to be sold to. However, they do want to be appreciated, informed and rewarded for their patronage to your site.

How do you inform and reward your website visitors? The answer is by giving them something of value for FREE. This does not mean giving them rehashed PLR content that they can find online for free.

This means giving them information that makes them wonder why you are giving it away for free! You want your customer to imagine how wonderful your other products are that do cost money. After all, if they got such great information for free, what will they get when they pay?

List building truly can be a money maker, but the very first step has to be building trust and giving something for nothing.

Someone has to step up first, and that is you as the site owner. You must say “Here, take this free information as a thank you for putting your name and email address in the box.” Then the follow up begins!

Remember, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


Some may think this is completely off the topic of internet marketing but there are similarities. I just wanted to do a blog about my grandson who has become a very successful surf photographer while still a school student. He taught himself how to do this and is now regarded very highly. He is following his passion and he is having a great deal of success. This year his sponsor company have four trips planned for him going overseas. We, as internet marketers need to have the same type of passion and this will allow us to succeed.

At the age of 12, he decided he would approach people to sponsor him as a surf photographer – bold move for 12 but that is the same age that Steve Jobs contacted Dave Packard. He is sponsored by a body board company. His mother bought him his first camera and within his first month, he was having his pictures published in surfing magazines.

He had a series of photographs on Flickr but he found people were copying his photos and using them so he reluctantly removed them. Unfortunately he has had to remove most of his photos off the internet. He has a Facebook page where he has put up a few photos.( if the link below does not work, copy and paste to your browser)

In August 2009, his sponsor company took him to Western Australia to shoot in Esperance and the Margaret River. His parents let him go for the experience and to enjoy something he is very passionate about.

He has certainly changed to a surfer boy now. If you click in the middle of the photos it will take it to full screen.
Last month, he had 4 photos published in a French surfing magazine and was paid for this. Each photo could sell at the moment from $200 -$500 When his photos are published, he is always paid and he is getting more and more published.

We missed seeing him for Christmas day two years ago because he was contacted by a surfing magazine to do an all day shoot on the Gold Coast. The reason is, we were experiencing waves of 20 feet and more and they wanted some great shots. Some of the beaches have been closed. He is still only paid for the photos that they buy from him.

Jye now has his name embedded in the photos to stop people from using them. So what started as a desire has become a great passion for him. Instead of having to work at KFC or McDonald’s to earn some money, he goes surfing and takes his camera.

Well done Jye! If he could find his passion at such a young age – I am sure you can find yours. As an internet marketer, you must have that inner drive and passion if you are going to succeed just as Jye is doing. You too can climb the ladder of success.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


Let me ask you – how is your day going? Are you getting all you want in your life right now? As an internet marketer are you seeing the success you deserve? I know that if you are not reaching the levels of success you want, you have to change some things in your life.

Well what an awesome day. Started chatting to a friend on skype this morning, before I got on with what I had to do, and it was great. We all want to stay in touch with people who are going to encourage you and make you feel great.

If you don’t have positive people in your life I would suggest that you come and join our group and you will meet some of the nicest people who can help you to become successful and make a good living online. Do you want to be an entrepreneur and join the top 3% online?

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This is a very powerful uplifting video. Take a look and let me know what you think, I love the music and the messages. Leave me a comment.

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Sue McDonald



Now that does sound strange that I am saying that failure is part of your success. There has never been anyone who hasn’t had some type of failure before they have succeeded. Historically, there were a number of people who failed before they were successful.  Edison took 10,000 attempts before he invented the electric light bulb; Henry Ford’s engineering team took a year before they built an eight cylinder car; Edmund Hillary failed on his first attempt to climb Everest but went back the next year and he was successful and there are many more who have appeared to fail but then became very successful.

If you feel that you have had a failure – just learn from it and give yourself permission to move on from it. Don’t beat yourself up and wallow in that “why me” state. You have to change what you are doing so you will achieve a different result.

Life in general gives us lots of challenges along the way. If you are trying to succeed online and haven’t to date, can you tell me the reason why? Is it lack of time, lack of commitment or do you lack the knowledge to help you move forward, or do you need help to be successful? My coach/mentor, Craig Caron, has totally restructured List Driven Profits Workshop and you can now get into this course for a one off payment of $27. He wants to help as many people as he can and he is a great coach.

Craig will show you how to create your own product, and most importantly how to build a list were you will be able to sell to your subscribers. Craig teaches you via live and recorded and webinars and is always available to help you.

Hey don’t do it for me – do it for yourself. Make the year of the Snake your year. Come take a look what he is providing. If you listen to the video you will hear that Craig was charging $97 for this course but when you click on the button you will see that you are only going to have to pay $27. That is a great offer.



Well what have I really accomplished this year? I guess that is a question a lot of us ask ourselves at the end of every year. The year has flown so fast it is hard to believe it is almost gone. It has really been a good year for me in some ways and in other ways not so good.

One of the better things that have happened is that I finally found a coach/mentor who is more interested in his students that the almighty dollar. This is rare in the field of internet marketing as most people who claim they can teach you are selling you exorbitantly priced courses that only allow you a limited time to complete the course.

List Driven Profits is completely different. When you join up you have access to the course for ever more. Another thing that is a great advantage is that Craig will personally answer your support tickets. I have done other courses and the support system was very poor and you could wait for 2-3 days to have your inquiry answered and sometimes it took longer.

You have access to a skype room where people are more than welcome to help you. There are people there willing to use their expertise to answer any queries that you may have .

So what are my plans for 2013? Next year I am going to launch a new product that I have had professionally created. It will be great and I can’t wait to see the final result. At the moment I have only been shown some of the pages. I plan to build a solid business that will generate a weekly income for me. For the first few months of the year, I will be concentrating on building a larger list.

What plans do you have? If you have not been as successful as you would like, you owe it to yourself to have a look at the course I am doing. If you want to make money online and have never built a list or created your own product, then I am sure this course would change that for you. I would like to see you succeed and have a great future in internet marketing.

There would be no better New Year’s resolution than to tell yourself that 2013 is YOUR year and you are going to be successful and if you want, you can quit your job. There are so many ways for you to be able to generate a steady stream of income to help you secure a future for you and your family. If this is what you want to learn how to so this and more check out this course.

To YOUR success

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In my last blog I talked about mindset. Now this time I would like to take that a little bit further. Why is it that some marketers are making obscene amount of money each and every month and the rest are hardly making anything at all?

Some people unfortunately believe that the successful entrepreneur knows something special or that they have software that is not available to us small marketers. Well let me tell you here and now – they have nothing more than is available to you and I. They had no special programs or software.

What do they do differently to the normal internet marketer? Let’s look at some of those that are very successful and how you can follow in their foot steps. I have personally met some of these marketers and apart from their success online they walk on the same Earth and breathe the same air as we do. I won’t mention any names but I actually have photographs with some of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing business.

Some of these marketers have great stories to tell how they started with nothing and they achieved great success. When they started, they were just like any other person new online. They had exactly the same resources and programs that are available to YOU. There is no secret formula that propelled them to success. Most of them use exactly what you do – WordPress, Paypal, and an autoresponder.

So before these people started to make the big dollars they did everything for themselves. They were not outsourcing but putting in countless hours trying to figure it all out but I do know a lot of these marketers who “made” it into the “big time” did have mentors and today they have formed a master mind group and it cost $30,000 a year to be a part of that group.

Now for you to succeed, the number one thing you must do is write down your goals and be prepared to take action and stay focused to achieve all that you want. You have to be prepared to work hard but if you really want to succeed get yourself a coach/mentor to put you on the right path. If you do this you will be able to achieve success at a much faster rate. Instead of taking years, it will only take you a few months.

So I suggest that you take action and join List Driven Profits. I have had a few teachers and mentors online but I will tell you that Craig Caron is the best I have ever had. So if you want to learn and earn then I suggest you sign up and be the success that you can be.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


Why is it that some people succeed and others never achieve their dreams? The reason is simple – they do not have the right mindset to reach their goals. They are frightened of failing. The fear of failing can stop many people from even starting a new project. They fear if they attempt something and it doesn’t work, they will have their critics that say “I told you that you were wasting your time and this would not work.”

Why is it that some people say they are going to do something but they never follow through? How do we go about getting people to take action and achieve a great result? At the start of every day, do one thing that will help condition your mind so this you will enable you to climb the ladder of success. Create a ritual of seeing yourself as that successful person achieving your goals and dreams. Visualize what you want and BELIEVE that it is achievable.

There are a number of people who will start any type of course and they will never finish it. There can be genuine reasons for this but most are just because they get tired of it and do not believe that they will be successful and they quit. Internet marketing is no different and that is why the only 3-5% will succeed.

Everybody has the potential to be a success and as long as they take action and they will see results and these results enforces their belief that they can do it. Your results will depend on the amount of action you take. If you are only prepared to take little action then your results will be small also but if you are prepared to take massive action, you will get a good result and again you are strengthening your belief that success is yours.

If you try something and it fails, will you allow that failure to overwhelm you or will you use it as motivation to work harder towards your success? You can change your outlook in one moment. Disappointment and failure can either destroy you or drive you forward. The only time you fail is when you stop trying.

Join us in the List Driven Profits Workshop and become accountable for your actions. We have a great skype group where you will meet new people and you can ask questions and get them answered. But apart from this great family group Craig Caron, your coach/mentor, will help you succeed. Come join and you will see results.

If you have not had success until now, just join List Driven Profits to change your life and you will become the success you have always believed you could be. The whole course and all the tools you can use will cost you a one time payment of $47.

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Sue McDonald


Now I know that you have read the subject line and think that I have gone crazy! Why are we working so hard to try to generate an income online and then I tell you it is not about the money. Is that a conundrum?

I will categorically state here and now it is not about the money but about the lifestyle the money can provide. Whatever you want to do with the money, it is up to you.

If someone came to you and asked “what do you think would make you happy?” Your answer would probably be – having a healthy happy family, living in the house of my dreams near the beach, owning my dream car and being able to take as many vacations per year as I want. Do you agree with the answer? Now if you look at that again – there is no mention of money just a vision of the life of your dreams.

I have asked several people over the years this question and there are a few who do answer money but most have similar answers – they want a happy family life living where they want to. The money is only a means whereby you can have the life you desire.

If you are prepared to take action, internet marketing can give you that lifestyle. It is not an immediate way to make money but if you get yourself a coach/mentor and are prepared to put in your time and abide by what you are taught, you will achieve. I too, had to get taught by a mentor/coach.

When you learn from a great coach/mentor like Craig Caron, you will find that you will be miles ahead of the pack. I have achieved a certain amount of success to date but now I am being pole vaulted to success in a positive way and I will never regret it. What you want to do is set up multiple streams of income that allow you to be paid over and over again. Craig Caron can teach you how to do it.

So if you are looking to be successful online, I strongly suggest that you join List Driven Profits. If you are looking to get 4,500 subscribers in 90 days and make money – come on and give it a try. Do something for yourself and finally achieve that success that has eluded till now.

Have you every read Napoleon Hill’s book – “Think and Grow Rich?” Although written in 1938 (boy that was a life time ago) this book is still applicable today. I would suggest if you haven’t read it that your grab a free copy right here It will help you in your quest to succeed.

To YOUR Success

Sue McDonald


Product creation is a very exciting way to be involved in internet marketing. It can appear to be a little daunting for the “newbie” but if you can create your own product you will find it very rewarding in many ways. It you can sell your product, you are most certainly on your way.

Before creating your product, it pays to do some market research and see if the product you have in mind would be a product that someone would want. Check out other products in that category. Know how much competition you may be up against, and know that you must be able to produce a better product to gain a larger slice of the market.

To create a product, you have to know what problems people are experiencing and you have to provide the solution. The easiest way to do this is to go to an active forum in your niche and see what questions people are asking. So if you are in the Internet Marketing niche – go to the Warrior Forum and read the questions that people want answered. Do a survey and ask pertinent questions. When you realize what people want to know, you create a product to fulfill that need. Again, research is the key here.

The easiest way for most beginners is to buy some PLR products, maybe two or three books on a subject, make a study of them and then using your own words you can create a new product. You may be fortunate already to have a product in mind in a particular niche and you know that you have a lot of background knowledge on the subject.

What your product has to do is provide answers and solutions for questions that are being asked in that niche. We can even refer back to keyword research here. If you use a keyword tool, check how popular both short and long tailed keywords are in your chosen niche. Keywords are one of the methods that people use to find your product. Another way is to advertise it – and there are several methods of advertising you can employ, including the use of social media.

Your product can be delivered in many different forms and one of the most popular at the moment is the instruction video or video series. You can also write an ebook which, if you like, you can then create it as an MP3 file. You many want to write a report which can be downloaded through a membership site. Which ever method you choose, give as much information as you can on the subject; get the customer keen to get the next product that you are going to create.

So why not come join me and get help to create a product that will increase your list and help make you money.

So if you are looking to be successful, I urge you to join this course List Driven Profits for a one time payment of $47USD and you can learn how to create your product.  You can then learn how to drive traffic to that site and build you list to over 4,500 in 90 days.

To YOUR success

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