Hi I just watched a webinar and I would like to say it was back to basics. It reminded me where I first started learning internet marketing and where I am now. Yes what a journey this has been. Everybody who comes online has to start at the beginning and it seems so strange to think back to the start of when you were first learning how to get started.

I remembered my start and my first coach telling me to write a blog but before that I had to buy a domain name, set up hosting, paypal and then get an autoresponder.

I remember the first blog post I ever wrote about the beginning of a long journey. I had no idea about the internet and what I had to learn. I have a saying about internet marketing – “You don’t know what you don’t know.” That sounds a bit like a riddle but it is so true. Every step you take is a new adventure.

I remember first learning about WordPress and I had to pick a theme. Now that doesn’t sound hard but to a newbie it was daunting but then I was told if I didn’t like it I could change the theme. It was just a matter of finding the new one and uploading it (again I had to learn how to upload the theme). Then I had to learn about widgets and plugins. It seemed strange at the time because it seemed quite difficult but now I can create a site very quickly.

I remember the first time I was told to put a video into my blog from Youtube. Again I had to be shown how to do that. I was taught all of this over a few weeks. Seems strange to remember back to then when I wanted to earn my first dollar online.

That is a really exciting moment for an internet marketer, checking their account and seeing money, even if it only a few dollars, it makes you believe that it is possible to make money online. It makes all the work that you have done feel worthwhile. You want to tell everyone but the secret is you have to be able to consistently see the money come in before you can throw away your day job to go full time online.

Some people do not want to make millions but just help with a little extra cash that will give them the extras in life that they could not necessarily afford before. So whatever your dreams are I hope you achieve them.