Installing WordPress is very easy with any hosting company who has cpanel. Let’s go back to Hostgator and I will show you how it is done.
Install WordPress using Cpanel

This is what your cpanel or control panel looks like. Now scroll down towards the bottom of the page till you see Software/Services.
Installing WordPress using Cpanel

Now what we are looking for is “Fantastico De Luxe”, and there it is on the second line. Fantastico allows you to add many scripts/programs to your website, but all we want to add is WordPress . Click on the icon Fantastico. You will then be taken to this page.
installing wordpress

Click on WordPress and proceed to the next screen.
installing wordpress using cpanel (4)

Here you just click on New Installation and it will all be done for you automatically. Click on the down arrow beside “Install on domain” and choose the domain where you and to install WordPress.
installing wordpress using cpanel (5)

Click on “Install WordPress.” When it is installed you will be allowed access to your WordPress site. You will have to sign in using your Admin access codes. When you do this you will be taken to the dashboard. Record this information on your computer using Roboform.

Congratulations you have installed WordPress. Now the next step is to write some content for your blog and in the next post I will give you some ideas.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald




After picking a niche and getting the perfect domain name, you need to get hosting and an auto-responder. As my main hosting company and auto-responder, I have chosen the one company Global NPN to perform both functions. I still have hosting with Hostgator and my auto-responder with Aweber but I am moving everything to Global NPN.

Do You Have Access to the Best Hosting and AutoresponderSo let me review each of the above. Hostgator is a very popular hosting site that offers you a “baby plan” where you can have unlimited domains. Now although this company says you have unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, please read this blog on some of the major hosting companies. I signed up with them when I first came online and I am charged $9.95US per month.

The first auto-responder I signed up to was Aweber. The first month costs you $1 and these are their charges after your first month.

Up to 500               $19
500 – 2500             $29
2501 – 5000          $49
5001 – 10000        $69
10001 – 25000      $149

Now let’s look at Global NPN which has been around since 2005 and has a proven track record. Global NPN is more than a hosting company and an auto responder. It has all the tools you will ever require to run a successful business. It also has tracking tools and if you have ever paid for tracking you will know how expensive some companies are. So I did not renew the tracking I had which was costing me $97 per year. I intend to do away with of Aweber and Hostgator.

So if you have purchased you domain name and you now go to your hosting company to synchronize your hosting company and your domain registrar. What we have to do is link the two together.

To be able to do this, you need your DNS (Domain Name Server) information from your hosting service.

Your hosting company will have sent you a welcome email and inside you can find this information. If you did not get an email contact the company and ask for it. The information you have been provided should have something like NS1 and NS2 at the beginning. NS simply stands for Name Server.

The next step is to go to the company where you purchased your domain.

Click on the domain name and you should be able to “edit” the name server. You have to enter both name servers. Don’t forget to click on the save button before closing. Once you have entered this information it could take up to 48hours for your domain to be ready.

So being perfectly honest I have to recommend Global NPN because it is much more cost effective as well as all the tools it provides. You can have up to 25,000 subscribers before the price increases.

So take a look at Global NPN for yourself and leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Tomorrow I will tell you how to upload WordPress using Cpanel.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald