Select the Perfect Domain NameHow do you select the perfect domain name? The name has to have four important components.
1. It must be easy to remember
2. It has to describe your business
3. It must be easy to spell
4. Must contain your main keyword

Whether you are going to use WordPress or build your site online, you have to register your domain name. If you do not want to register a domain, you could be setting yourself up to fail. There are free platforms were you can add content but you will never own that content. At any time, free platforms can close down your blog or post.

When you were deciding on your niche, you carried out some keyword research. Now using the main keyword you have chosen, write down five to ten possible domain names. Remember the most commercially viable domain always ends in dot com. When you have written them down, read each name out aloud.

Start eliminating the ones that are too hard to say or too hard to remember. You can reduce your list to three names that all adhere to the above criteria. I always buy my domains from Namecheap and always check for the coupon code before buying. Never use the same company where you buy your domain to host your domain.

Now is the time to go to a domain registrar and see if any of the domain names you have chosen are available. Start with the one that you believe will truly fit your business.  Always double check that you have spelt the name correctly before you hit the buy button.

Your domain name is the doorway to your business. Like with the doorway to your home, you want to make it welcoming for any visitors. Visitors are the life blood of your business.

Now that you have your domain name you have to get hosting. I have found the perfect place for hosting at Global NPN. Not only can you host your domain there but it contains all the tools, including an autoresponder, which you will ever need for your online business. Why not take a look and see what it provides for a monthly fee.

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Sue McDonald