Product creation is a very exciting way to be involved in internet marketing. It can appear to be a little daunting for the “newbie” but if you can create your own product you will find it very rewarding in many ways. It you can sell your product, you are most certainly on your way.

Before creating your product, it pays to do some market research and see if the product you have in mind would be a product that someone would want. Check out other products in that category. Know how much competition you may be up against, and know that you must be able to produce a better product to gain a larger slice of the market.

To create a product, you have to know what problems people are experiencing and you have to provide the solution. The easiest way to do this is to go to an active forum in your niche and see what questions people are asking. So if you are in the Internet Marketing niche – go to the Warrior Forum and read the questions that people want answered. Do a survey and ask pertinent questions. When you realize what people want to know, you create a product to fulfill that need. Again, research is the key here.

The easiest way for most beginners is to buy some PLR products, maybe two or three books on a subject, make a study of them and then using your own words you can create a new product. You may be fortunate already to have a product in mind in a particular niche and you know that you have a lot of background knowledge on the subject.

What your product has to do is provide answers and solutions for questions that are being asked in that niche. We can even refer back to keyword research here. If you use a keyword tool, check how popular both short and long tailed keywords are in your chosen niche. Keywords are one of the methods that people use to find your product. Another way is to advertise it – and there are several methods of advertising you can employ, including the use of social media.

Your product can be delivered in many different forms and one of the most popular at the moment is the instruction video or video series. You can also write an ebook which, if you like, you can then create it as an MP3 file. You many want to write a report which can be downloaded through a membership site. Which ever method you choose, give as much information as you can on the subject; get the customer keen to get the next product that you are going to create.

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To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


Well this is now the second week of the List Driven Profits Course and we are all loving it. One thing I particular like about the course is that we are set homework assignments so Craig can assess how we are individually progressing. Now that is dedication from Craig because he is devoting his time to assess where we are at and steer each person in the right direction.

Last week we picked a niche and next week we will begin to create a product for that niche. Once the product is created we will start driving traffic to our site. Can you imaging how this is going to feel when you see at least 4,500 new subscribers on your list?

Craig has guaranteed that this is the amount of subscribers we will receive within 90 days. If it doesn’t happen you can ask for your money back. What I would like to stress here is you join this group for a life time and the course material is all recorded and there for you to watch and review as many times as you like. There are also a lot of tools and other material provided to you free of charge.

Think about this – 4,500 subscribers for a total cost of $47USD. This is the total price for you to join List Driven Profits and it is not too late for you to join and do what I am doing. If you were buying solo ads to get this amount of subscribers you would be paying between 35-50cents per click – not per subscriber. By my calculations, and knowing a little about building a list, you would end up paying thousands of dollars.

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I look forward to having you join and we have an active skype group that never sleeps. There are always people there who will answer your questions if Craig is not available. You are never left by yourself trying to fathom how you should do anything online.

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To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


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Craig wants to make you a big success like he has for so many of his students. So for Just $47 USD for the 90day course and all the free resources and tools – you would be crazy to pass. I want to see you become the success that you want to be. Craig will even help you one on one.

I have been on a course for $5,000 and you could not even get to the person running the course. If you wanted a question answered, you had to put in a support ticket to his staff and they would answer it within 48 hours. Now guys – tell me what you would prefer? I know I prefer Craig’s hands on approach will make it so much easier for you to be successful.

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To YOUR success

Sue McDonald