MindsetWe have all heard the word mindset. What is the definition of mindset? A mindset is best defined as having a group of assumptions or ideas that you believe in. I know you have heard the phase “believe to achieve” but there is much more to it than that.

Nothing in life is achieved by just sitting dreaming about it. You have to be motivated and productive to achieve the results you want. Always set yourself achievable goals but you need a workable plan to achieve the goals.

The right mindset, for what ever you want to achieve, is the same and I will attempt to describe it for you.

Always be positive in your thoughts. Positive thinkers are happy and healthy whereas the negative thinker often suffers depression and health problems. This is a scientific fact. Depression can lead to some severe health issues. When a person is positive, people will be attracted to them like a magnet.

If you walk into a room where people are negative and unhappy, you want to turn and run, lock the door and throw away the key. Well – not that bad but you know you want out. I know I do not like being around negative people because they just drag you down and you feel worse yourself – to be truthful I try and avoid them.

The thoughts you have, and the actions you take, will dictate the results you achieve.

Now in the field of Internet Marketing, being positive is essential.  The plan you follow is the logical sequence that will bring you results. Write out your long term plans and what you want to achieve and then break that into smaller pieces.

How do you know what the plan is? Easy – I suggest you get a coach who can guide you and help you achieve top results. A coach/mentor is an essential part of your success because they can guide and assist you. Notice I said assist – because you have to be prepared to do the work. Every day have your written plan and follow it and you will eventually reach the goals that you set yourself and then you create new goals and new plans. Follow what I am doing and you too can learn internet marketing.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


In my last blog I talked about mindset. Now this time I would like to take that a little bit further. Why is it that some marketers are making obscene amount of money each and every month and the rest are hardly making anything at all?

Some people unfortunately believe that the successful entrepreneur knows something special or that they have software that is not available to us small marketers. Well let me tell you here and now – they have nothing more than is available to you and I. They had no special programs or software.

What do they do differently to the normal internet marketer? Let’s look at some of those that are very successful and how you can follow in their foot steps. I have personally met some of these marketers and apart from their success online they walk on the same Earth and breathe the same air as we do. I won’t mention any names but I actually have photographs with some of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing business.

Some of these marketers have great stories to tell how they started with nothing and they achieved great success. When they started, they were just like any other person new online. They had exactly the same resources and programs that are available to YOU. There is no secret formula that propelled them to success. Most of them use exactly what you do – WordPress, Paypal, and an autoresponder.

So before these people started to make the big dollars they did everything for themselves. They were not outsourcing but putting in countless hours trying to figure it all out but I do know a lot of these marketers who “made” it into the “big time” did have mentors and today they have formed a master mind group and it cost $30,000 a year to be a part of that group.

Now for you to succeed, the number one thing you must do is write down your goals and be prepared to take action and stay focused to achieve all that you want. You have to be prepared to work hard but if you really want to succeed get yourself a coach/mentor to put you on the right path. If you do this you will be able to achieve success at a much faster rate. Instead of taking years, it will only take you a few months.

So I suggest that you take action and join List Driven Profits. I have had a few teachers and mentors online but I will tell you that Craig Caron is the best I have ever had. So if you want to learn and earn then I suggest you sign up and be the success that you can be.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


Why is it that some people succeed and others never achieve their dreams? The reason is simple – they do not have the right mindset to reach their goals. They are frightened of failing. The fear of failing can stop many people from even starting a new project. They fear if they attempt something and it doesn’t work, they will have their critics that say “I told you that you were wasting your time and this would not work.”

Why is it that some people say they are going to do something but they never follow through? How do we go about getting people to take action and achieve a great result? At the start of every day, do one thing that will help condition your mind so this you will enable you to climb the ladder of success. Create a ritual of seeing yourself as that successful person achieving your goals and dreams. Visualize what you want and BELIEVE that it is achievable.

There are a number of people who will start any type of course and they will never finish it. There can be genuine reasons for this but most are just because they get tired of it and do not believe that they will be successful and they quit. Internet marketing is no different and that is why the only 3-5% will succeed.

Everybody has the potential to be a success and as long as they take action and they will see results and these results enforces their belief that they can do it. Your results will depend on the amount of action you take. If you are only prepared to take little action then your results will be small also but if you are prepared to take massive action, you will get a good result and again you are strengthening your belief that success is yours.

If you try something and it fails, will you allow that failure to overwhelm you or will you use it as motivation to work harder towards your success? You can change your outlook in one moment. Disappointment and failure can either destroy you or drive you forward. The only time you fail is when you stop trying.

Join us in the List Driven Profits Workshop and become accountable for your actions. We have a great skype group where you will meet new people and you can ask questions and get them answered. But apart from this great family group Craig Caron, your coach/mentor, will help you succeed. Come join and you will see results.

If you have not had success until now, just join List Driven Profits to change your life and you will become the success you have always believed you could be. The whole course and all the tools you can use will cost you a one time payment of $47.

To Your success

Sue McDonald


Now I know that you have read the subject line and think that I have gone crazy! Why are we working so hard to try to generate an income online and then I tell you it is not about the money. Is that a conundrum?

I will categorically state here and now it is not about the money but about the lifestyle the money can provide. Whatever you want to do with the money, it is up to you.

If someone came to you and asked “what do you think would make you happy?” Your answer would probably be – having a healthy happy family, living in the house of my dreams near the beach, owning my dream car and being able to take as many vacations per year as I want. Do you agree with the answer? Now if you look at that again – there is no mention of money just a vision of the life of your dreams.

I have asked several people over the years this question and there are a few who do answer money but most have similar answers – they want a happy family life living where they want to. The money is only a means whereby you can have the life you desire.

If you are prepared to take action, internet marketing can give you that lifestyle. It is not an immediate way to make money but if you get yourself a coach/mentor and are prepared to put in your time and abide by what you are taught, you will achieve. I too, had to get taught by a mentor/coach.

When you learn from a great coach/mentor like Craig Caron, you will find that you will be miles ahead of the pack. I have achieved a certain amount of success to date but now I am being pole vaulted to success in a positive way and I will never regret it. What you want to do is set up multiple streams of income that allow you to be paid over and over again. Craig Caron can teach you how to do it.

So if you are looking to be successful online, I strongly suggest that you join List Driven Profits. If you are looking to get 4,500 subscribers in 90 days and make money – come on and give it a try. Do something for yourself and finally achieve that success that has eluded till now.

Have you every read Napoleon Hill’s book – “Think and Grow Rich?” Although written in 1938 (boy that was a life time ago) this book is still applicable today. I would suggest if you haven’t read it that your grab a free copy right here http://think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com. It will help you in your quest to succeed.

To YOUR Success

Sue McDonald