MindsetWe have all heard the word mindset. What is the definition of mindset? A mindset is best defined as having a group of assumptions or ideas that you believe in. I know you have heard the phase “believe to achieve” but there is much more to it than that.

Nothing in life is achieved by just sitting dreaming about it. You have to be motivated and productive to achieve the results you want. Always set yourself achievable goals but you need a workable plan to achieve the goals.

The right mindset, for what ever you want to achieve, is the same and I will attempt to describe it for you.

Always be positive in your thoughts. Positive thinkers are happy and healthy whereas the negative thinker often suffers depression and health problems. This is a scientific fact. Depression can lead to some severe health issues. When a person is positive, people will be attracted to them like a magnet.

If you walk into a room where people are negative and unhappy, you want to turn and run, lock the door and throw away the key. Well – not that bad but you know you want out. I know I do not like being around negative people because they just drag you down and you feel worse yourself – to be truthful I try and avoid them.

The thoughts you have, and the actions you take, will dictate the results you achieve.

Now in the field of Internet Marketing, being positive is essential.  The plan you follow is the logical sequence that will bring you results. Write out your long term plans and what you want to achieve and then break that into smaller pieces.

How do you know what the plan is? Easy – I suggest you get a coach who can guide you and help you achieve top results. A coach/mentor is an essential part of your success because they can guide and assist you. Notice I said assist – because you have to be prepared to do the work. Every day have your written plan and follow it and you will eventually reach the goals that you set yourself and then you create new goals and new plans. Follow what I am doing and you too can learn internet marketing.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


Have you ever found that your mind wanders and you have to stop yourself and get back to what you were doing? If people are truthful with themselves this could happen more than they like to admit. Even when I am practicing yoga, I am already thinking of what do I have to do next. If you are working online, you have to remain persistent to achieve your goals.

Some people are excellent at staying focused while others have a lot of trouble. My suggestion to you is to have a written down list of the things you want to accomplish during that day. The things that you want to write down are those things that do not fit into your normal routine. Everyone has a routine where they do the same thing day in and day out. That is the easy part but the things that you don’t do every day, but you want to achieve, are the things you have to put on your list.

Keep the list in front of you and attempt to do the most difficult thing on your list first. It depends on the amount of time you have available to you how much you can achieve every day. If you try the most difficult task first, you often have a more alert and fresher mind and will find it relatively easily.

It is really a matter of training yourself to stay focused. When you do achieve the first task on your list – give yourself a break and a reward. It may be that you go and have a coffee and leave your computer for a small break. When you have a break you come back and focus on the next task you want to complete.

It is just a matter of working through your list one thing at a time. Don’t start jumping from one thing to the next because you will never feel that you are getting anywhere.

Now if you feel that for you to succeed this year, you need help, why not get yourself a coach/mentor? I can thoroughly recommend my coach and I know for a one off payment of $97 you will have a life time access to the teaching site and the group skype room. There are no hidden costs and most of your tools will be given to you for free. Go take a look.