After picking a niche and getting the perfect domain name, you need to get hosting and an auto-responder. As my main hosting company and auto-responder, I have chosen the one company Global NPN to perform both functions. I still have hosting with Hostgator and my auto-responder with Aweber but I am moving everything to Global NPN.

Do You Have Access to the Best Hosting and AutoresponderSo let me review each of the above. Hostgator is a very popular hosting site that offers you a “baby plan” where you can have unlimited domains. Now although this company says you have unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, please read this blog on some of the major hosting companies. I signed up with them when I first came online and I am charged $9.95US per month.

The first auto-responder I signed up to was Aweber. The first month costs you $1 and these are their charges after your first month.

Up to 500               $19
500 – 2500             $29
2501 – 5000          $49
5001 – 10000        $69
10001 – 25000      $149

Now let’s look at Global NPN which has been around since 2005 and has a proven track record. Global NPN is more than a hosting company and an auto responder. It has all the tools you will ever require to run a successful business. It also has tracking tools and if you have ever paid for tracking you will know how expensive some companies are. So I did not renew the tracking I had which was costing me $97 per year. I intend to do away with of Aweber and Hostgator.

So if you have purchased you domain name and you now go to your hosting company to synchronize your hosting company and your domain registrar. What we have to do is link the two together.

To be able to do this, you need your DNS (Domain Name Server) information from your hosting service.

Your hosting company will have sent you a welcome email and inside you can find this information. If you did not get an email contact the company and ask for it. The information you have been provided should have something like NS1 and NS2 at the beginning. NS simply stands for Name Server.

The next step is to go to the company where you purchased your domain.

Click on the domain name and you should be able to “edit” the name server. You have to enter both name servers. Don’t forget to click on the save button before closing. Once you have entered this information it could take up to 48hours for your domain to be ready.

So being perfectly honest I have to recommend Global NPN because it is much more cost effective as well as all the tools it provides. You can have up to 25,000 subscribers before the price increases.

So take a look at Global NPN for yourself and leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Tomorrow I will tell you how to upload WordPress using Cpanel.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


If you use Aweber as your autoresponder, you need to know how to use it effectively.

Are you aware that Aweber charges you for all of the people on your lists including those who have unsubscribed? You are also charged for those people who have signed up to your list using a false email or they have now closed that email account. If for any reason  Aweber cannot deliver your email to an address you will be charged.

First let’s look at how to delete un-subscribers that you should not be paying for. If you have more than one list, you have to go through each list separately. Start at the top list and work your way one by one.

Log into your Aweber account. Up on the top toolbar go across to “subscribers” – click on the down arrow and select “search.” This is what the screen will look like.

 Aweber Unsubscribed


Go to the “View Segment” and click on the down arrow and select “unsubscribed.” This will bring up a complete list for that list who have unsubscribed. You will notice at the top of the list on the far right is a small box beside the word “Erase” and if you click there it will bring up a tick beside every unsubscriber’s name. Then go down to the bottom of the page on the right hand site and click “save.”

All the names will disappear from your screen and Aweber cannot charge you for them. The number of unsubscribes will still show on the home screen until you log out. When you log in the next time this number will disappear.

Now let’s get rid of the subscribers who have an undeliverable subscribers address. Go through each list separately. There is no point in paying for people on your list who are not receiving your email. There can be a few reasons why this happens. If it was a single opt-in, they could have given you a false email, or they could have closed their account. Using the same screen, click on the “View Subscribers”click on the down arrow and select “undeliverable subscribers.” Click on search and you will see how many of your emails are not delivered. Simply erase them as you did before.
Aweber Undeliverable Subscribers

Sometimes even though you are only using a single opt-in, you may notice there are some email address that require confirmation. The reason for this is that Aweber do not believe that these addresses are real. They may contain a few letters or numbers that make them look like spam. If these addresses are not confirmed, Aweber will drop them for your list in 30 days. So if you see them there it is not necessary to take any action regarding them.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


When you run an online business you must have an autoresponder to deliver your email. It would be impossible to send out as many emails yourself because you would probably run into a lot of trouble including being black band. Autoresponders are a great tool because as the name implies it can automatically respond to any email they receive. My choice is Aweber – great deliver-ability and I have never had a problem.

I would never suggest you use a free autoresponder because they can close down at any time and you would lose all your customers.

What you have to do is write your copy and then load it into your autoresponder. When a potential buyer or current customer sends your autoresponder address a message, the information he or she is looking for will automatically be delivered to straight to them. Autoresponders are very quick – delivering information via email in a matter of seconds.They allow your customers to be able to obtain the information that they are looking for.

Autoresponders can be programmed to deliver information on a daily basis or any period you choose. You can send out free courses, reports, articles and information about your products or services. When a customer fills out an optin form to obtain a free product from you, they will automatically receive a thank you email that you have pre-programmed into the autoresponder. This thank you letter can tell them how they will receive the gift they signed up for.

Unlike mass emails, your autoresponder is set up the way you want it to be. If, for example, you are sending out a 14 day free course when anyone signs up for this they will receive their first email. If someone signs up 3 days later they will receive the email of day one and then receive emails consecutively for another 13 days. If when the person signs up you have requested their first name – you can personalize all the emails that this person receives.

When people sign up they are placed on the list you have nominated. If a person buys from you should move them from the prospect list to a buyers list.

One very important thing regarding your lists is to establish a relationship with them. When you are running your business online you must have an autoresponder. When you have set up your autoresponder you will see that you have a lot more spare time. It is a way of updating your prospects and customers of any changes in your business including new products or services.

So if you want to learn all the things that I am learning and want to be making money by Christmas, I believe you should come and join the List Driven Profits Workshop for one payment of $47 and build your list of 4,500 subscribers. I am totally enjoying learning all this new methods.

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Sue McDonald