Build a listAs an internet marketer, you will need a list if you are going to sell information or a product. The information can be in the form of reports, newsletters, videos or ebooks.

These are some tips and facts you should know to help you get and maintain your list.

1. Make sure that you have a good clean website with good unique content. By this I mean, make it appealing to the eyes of your visitor. If it is cluttered and the content is poor, the visitor will click off very quickly.

2. If you want to give a free product away on your blog, have your opt-in box in at the top of the right hand side bar, in a prominent position. Again make it a “clean” looking opt-in, where you tell you visitors they can get their free download.

3. Always aim for your target market. This means if you have a blog on internet marketing, you do not offer a free book on how to lose weight. They may sign up to your list but the moment they find that they do not want this product, they will quickly unsubscribe. Give the customer what they are expecting.

4. Once a customer signs up to your list, you can in a few days send them a follow up email to see if all the questions they had were covered. This is the beginning of building trust in your relationship with the people on your list. By building trust you will be able in the future, sell to them over and over again.

5. If you really want to increase your list at a faster pace, go on the appropriate forum for whatever niche you are in, and offer a free book that could help people on that forum. It could even be a simple report that answers some of the questions that the members are asking.

6. Again on the forum, you can offer to do an ad swap. You can also go to adswap sites and do an adswap – again for a free product. This is not hard to do because on all adswap sites there are people with larger and smaller list. The great thing about these sites you pick adswaps only in your own niche.

7. Another method of getting people to visit your site and sign up is through writing articles. There are always people searching for articles and blogs on various subjects.

Now if you still think you need more help, why not get some more help from me.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald