These are some tools that I use everyday and you may find them useful. When you join most of these sites you can become an affiliate and you can make money.


Purchasing a Domain

I highly recommend Namecheap and if you type into Google “Namecheap Coupon” you will find that you will be offered a small discount.

Domain Registrations starting at $9.98*




I started with Hostgator and I have found their services to be first rate. If you are going to have more than one domain I would suggest the “Baby”plan. You are able to contact their support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



I personally have two autoresponders. The first autoresponder I have is Aweber. They have been around for several years and a great autoresponder for deliver-ability.


I Heart


Try Aweber’s email Marketing tool risk-free Aweber

The second one I use is Global NPN. It has been around  since 2005 and is a complete package. It contains all the tools, training and resources you need and also the price stays the same till you reach over 20,000 subscribers. It is much more that an autoresponder.

Take a look at Global NPN.


A Payment Platform

I use Paypal.  You can collect money and you can pay your bills using Paypal. It is secure and very well accepted world wide.

If you don’t have some way of receiving money – sign up here for Paypal.

Another payment platform I use is Payspree. They are integrated with Paypal account.

Check out Payspree.

Become an affiliate at Clickbank

Clickbank is a marketplace were people sell downloadable products and when you sell a product as an affiliate, you get paid.




I have used Odesk in the past and found their services good.


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