Product creation is a very exciting way to be involved in internet marketing. It can appear to be a little daunting for the “newbie” but if you can create your own product you will find it very rewarding in many ways. It you can sell your product, you are most certainly on your way.

Easy Product CreationThe easiest way for most beginners is to buy some PLR products, maybe two or three books on a subject, make a study of them and then using your own words you can create a new product. You may be fortunate already to have a product in mind in a particular niche and you know that you have a lot of background knowledge on the subject.

Before creating your product, it pays to do some market research and see if the product you have in mind would be a product that someone would want. Check out other products in that category. Know how much competition you may be up against, and know that you must be able to produce a better product to gain a larger slice of the market.

What your product has to do is provide answers and solutions for questions that are being asked in that niche. The only way to ascertain this is to go and join a forum or do a survey and ask pertinent questions. When you realize what people want to know, you create a product to fulfill that need. Again, research is the key here.

We can even refer back to keyword research here. If you use a keyword tool, check how popular both short and long tailed keywords are in your chosen niche. Keywords are one of the methods that people use to find your product. Another way is to advertise it – and there are several methods of advertising you can employ, including the use of social media.

Your product can be delivered in many different forms and one of the most popular at the moment is the instruction video or video series. You can also write an ebook which, if you like, you can then create it as an MP3 file. You many want to write a weekly report which can be downloaded through a membership site. Which ever method you choose, give as much information as you can on the subject; get the customer keen to get the next product that you are going to create.

If you want to know more about PLR grab the free report I wrote about it either in the side bar or follow this link.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

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  1. As you can see from Sue’s post, creating information products to sell really isn’t all that hard to do, even as a newbie. Sure it might sound daunting at first, but once you dive right into it, I think that you will find that it is actually quite easy to do.

    I create information products myself and I lvoe the process of doing so. To me it is rewarding and fulfilling. I enjoy helping others to learn something and that’s what you’ll be doing with your own products.

    I have been working with sue for some time now and I have to say that what she tells you here, you’ve better listen because she isn’t fooling around. She tells you like it is without sugarcoating it. She’s the real deal!

    Now what I highly recommend that you do is to take action, and don’t just stare at it, or think about it for too long because you ahve work to do my friend. Sure creating information products does indeed require that dirty four letter word, “work”, but it is well worth it.

    Just think of the many rewards you will get from creating your own information products to sell online.

    You’ll be able to make good money

    You will be able to finally help someone with something

    You will be able to build long lasting relationships online

    You will be able to build your brand and so much more

    So whether you use PLR content to create your informatin products, you write it out completely yourself from your own research that you have done, or you put it into audio or video format really doesn’t matter so as long as you take action on it.

    However, did you know that if you create your own products, you also keep all the money? That’s right. Unlike affiliate marketing where you only get a certain percentage of the sale such as 50% or even 75%, that’s all you actually end up with because the product owner to whom you’re an affiliate of keeps the rest which could be a pretty huge chunk of cash.

    If you were on the other end of the pipe, you would be keeping most of the money while your affiliates are promoting for you and taking that certain percentage of the sale. It is time that you keep all the money and not just a percentage of it.

    That’s why Sue and I are pushing the idea of creating your own information products because we both want you to make money and we both want you to succeed with your business. So don’t short change yourself and get out there and create your own products and keep all the profit!

    • Hi Donald

      Thank you for your visit. Yes if people follow the rules with PLR they can totally create a good product. It does take some time and effort or you can outsource it. It is much cheaper to get PLR rewritten than requesting a report or ebook because you save time as the writer does not have to do research.

      Give it a go yourself and see how easy it really is.

      To YOUR success

      Sue McDonald

  2. It does appear daunting, you’re quite right about that Sue! I think I’d like to get into product creation some time because it seems like such an exciting and vibrant space, a lot of great people to network with etc. Right now though, I think I’ll stick with my affiliate website. Easier for a beginner and it gives you a chance to learn some lessons and get some experience.

    • Hi Charles

      It is really a matter of just starting and you will find it is not as difficult as you thought.If you follow the instructions in the book you can make any PLR into a good product.

      To YOUR success


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