This should not be a hard decision – simply choose a niche that you want to target. If you were going to target the weight loss industry, you would use something like “Easy Weight Loss”. Before starting a blog, if you know the subject you want to write about, go to Google Keyword Tool. Type in the whole title and see what keyswords are the most searched.

This is one of the most popular niches and hardest to get into. The word “weight” has over 45million searches around the globe each month but even a higher amount of searches is carried out on the word “fitness”. Over 55.6 million search for that word globally each month. This should give you some idea how important to use the correct keywords in your blog.

Whatever title you pick, it must be interesting so as to catch the visitors’ attention. There are several ways you can do this but you should try and keep the majority of what you write on your blog, relevant to the URL.

What you need is good quality, unique content and pick about 5-10 top key words and use them with a density of approximately 3-5% throughout your blog. I prefer to stay around the 3-4% because remember you title is also counted because it has your key words in it also.

There are several free blogging platforms but most marketers prefer to use WordPress on Cpanel and purchase their own domain name. A few of the more popular free sites are, Blogger or Blogspot (this is part of Google), Hub pages, Weebly, Scribd and Squidoo. Squidoo, however, does not call anything posted on the site a post; instead it is known as a lens.

Most of these free sites are similar but please when you go to each one, read their terms of service because in that respect they are not the same. If you violate their terms of service, you may be given a warning to fix the breach within 24-48 hours. They will tell you what you have done incorrectly and if you do not fix it at best your blog or post will not appear and at worst, you can be banned from every using that platform again.


This is the second blog about getting highly targeted traffic. Today we want to look at turning your subscribers into raving fans.

Every business should have a blog as part of the strategy to get traffic. Your blog must have interesting high quality content that will attract attention.

The most essential part of your blog is the content. If you don’t have quality content there, you will not attract the traffic. And we know if we do not have traffic we will not have sales. Therefore, you must present content that is keyword rich and it will attract people to your site.

Some people only have a blog as their site. To create a blog and get traffic to it, you need for that traffic to spread the word about your blog. You want to get traffic because this is where you will find some customers.

I will list some ways that I believe will help you.

1. Post great content. You want to only post unique content that will provide value to your readers. If you do this they will keep coming back to see what you are posting.

2. Make you blog look great. Your blog has to be pleasing to the eye so it appeals to your readers. Match the theme to your subject matter. If you are creating a blog about golfing, get a golf theme or if it is about fishing get a fish theme. Make sure that you layout is easy to read and navigate.

3. Create a blog with your users in mind. Ensure that it is organized and has categories and tags.

4. Your blog must be able to load quickly.

5. Your blog must contain content that people want to read.

6. Your readers want to look at a site that is visually attractive and filled with information.

7. Your blog should only contain information that is relevant to your subject line. Don’t try and show sales messages.

8. Your blog can be written in a conversational way but must have correct grammar and punctuation. Use a spell check to make sure there are no errors. Ensure that the information you are giving is accurate and informative.

9. Regularly post more content to your blog.

10. Have an RSS feed as this will help drive traffic to your blog.

11. One way to spark interest from your readers is to finish your blog with a question. Invite your visitors to leave a comment.

So go and put a post on your blog. I want you to start attracting traffic to your site.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


I want to give you some advice on how you can enjoy your time working in your internet marketing business.  This is how to best employ your time and we all know that time management is important.

The first thing is that you treat it as a business and this will help you a great deal. This is the place where you eventually want to make your living. You maybe only working there part time at the moment but you are looking at eventually giving up your day “job” in favor of working full time online.

Always be positive – associate with positive people. If something does go wrong, fix it up and move on. Do not feel defeated but just progress forward.

Always write your plans down both long term and short term and even what you want to accomplish every week then break it down to what you want to achieve every day. This will help you to stay focused. Know how long it is going to take. It is much more powerful to write these goals down and see yourself achieving them. Pick one project at a time. This will allow you greater focus.

You will never achieve unless you are prepared to take action. Without action you will never move forward.

Select times when you check you emails and skype messages – unless you are waiting for a particular answer. I suggest first thing in the morning and before you close down are great times. Staying in skype chat rooms can be a great time waster. Another place that you can waste precious time is in forums. Forums are a great place to ask questions and get help but you can get caught there and the time will just fly. So I would suggest that the maximum time in a forum is 30 minutes a day.

Always ensure that you take breaks away from your computer. Get up and stretch every hour and make sure that you drink a lot of water. Water helps to flush out any toxins that can accumulate in your system. Avoid sodas because they are full of sugar and apart from helping add to your weight, they are not good for you.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


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Now that does sound strange that I am saying that failure is part of your success. There has never been anyone who hasn’t had some type of failure before they have succeeded. Historically, there were a number of people who failed before they were successful.  Edison took 10,000 attempts before he invented the electric light bulb; Henry Ford’s engineering team took a year before they built an eight cylinder car; Edmund Hillary failed on his first attempt to climb Everest but went back the next year and he was successful and there are many more who have appeared to fail but then became very successful.

If you feel that you have had a failure – just learn from it and give yourself permission to move on from it. Don’t beat yourself up and wallow in that “why me” state. You have to change what you are doing so you will achieve a different result.

Life in general gives us lots of challenges along the way. If you are trying to succeed online and haven’t to date, can you tell me the reason why? Is it lack of time, lack of commitment or do you lack the knowledge to help you move forward, or do you need help to be successful? My coach/mentor, Craig Caron, has totally restructured List Driven Profits Workshop and you can now get into this course for a one off payment of $27. He wants to help as many people as he can and he is a great coach.

Craig will show you how to create your own product, and most importantly how to build a list were you will be able to sell to your subscribers. Craig teaches you via live and recorded and webinars and is always available to help you.

Hey don’t do it for me – do it for yourself. Make the year of the Snake your year. Come take a look what he is providing. If you listen to the video you will hear that Craig was charging $97 for this course but when you click on the button you will see that you are only going to have to pay $27. That is a great offer.



ScreenHunter_10 Jan. 27 13.11If you ask any marketer – what are some things that you find the hardest to do? You will receive a lot of different answers but most will tell you getting traffic and list building. It is not just a matter of building a list you also have of cultivate a relationship with that list.

Here are some ways that you may already be aware of and you may even be using them. You want the maximum traffic you can get. When you are writing for any platform always read their terms of service and be aware of the value of SEO.

Go to Squidoo and write a lens and create a back link to your site. Then go to Hubpages and write a post there. Both Squidoo and Hubpages are favored by Google.

If you are blogging – re post your blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Google+ and Delicious. Add you latest blog to Google bookmarks. These all point back to your site.

Go to forums in your niche and make sure you include your site in your signature link.

Now they are the most know ways to get traffic and there are other as well but I have found some recently that I never knew existed. So I would like you to grab my free report that tells you some other methods.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


Have you ever found that your mind wanders and you have to stop yourself and get back to what you were doing? If people are truthful with themselves this could happen more than they like to admit. Even when I am practicing yoga, I am already thinking of what do I have to do next. If you are working online, you have to remain persistent to achieve your goals.

Some people are excellent at staying focused while others have a lot of trouble. My suggestion to you is to have a written down list of the things you want to accomplish during that day. The things that you want to write down are those things that do not fit into your normal routine. Everyone has a routine where they do the same thing day in and day out. That is the easy part but the things that you don’t do every day, but you want to achieve, are the things you have to put on your list.

Keep the list in front of you and attempt to do the most difficult thing on your list first. It depends on the amount of time you have available to you how much you can achieve every day. If you try the most difficult task first, you often have a more alert and fresher mind and will find it relatively easily.

It is really a matter of training yourself to stay focused. When you do achieve the first task on your list – give yourself a break and a reward. It may be that you go and have a coffee and leave your computer for a small break. When you have a break you come back and focus on the next task you want to complete.

It is just a matter of working through your list one thing at a time. Don’t start jumping from one thing to the next because you will never feel that you are getting anywhere.

Now if you feel that for you to succeed this year, you need help, why not get yourself a coach/mentor? I can thoroughly recommend my coach and I know for a one off payment of $97 you will have a life time access to the teaching site and the group skype room. There are no hidden costs and most of your tools will be given to you for free. Go take a look.