MindsetWe have all heard the word mindset. What is the definition of mindset? A mindset is best defined as having a group of assumptions or ideas that you believe in. I know you have heard the phase “believe to achieve” but there is much more to it than that.

Nothing in life is achieved by just sitting dreaming about it. You have to be motivated and productive to achieve the results you want. Always set yourself achievable goals but you need a workable plan to achieve the goals.

The right mindset, for what ever you want to achieve, is the same and I will attempt to describe it for you.

Always be positive in your thoughts. Positive thinkers are happy and healthy whereas the negative thinker often suffers depression and health problems. This is a scientific fact. Depression can lead to some severe health issues. When a person is positive, people will be attracted to them like a magnet.

If you walk into a room where people are negative and unhappy, you want to turn and run, lock the door and throw away the key. Well – not that bad but you know you want out. I know I do not like being around negative people because they just drag you down and you feel worse yourself – to be truthful I try and avoid them.

The thoughts you have, and the actions you take, will dictate the results you achieve.

Now in the field of Internet Marketing, being positive is essential.  The plan you follow is the logical sequence that will bring you results. Write out your long term plans and what you want to achieve and then break that into smaller pieces.

How do you know what the plan is? Easy – I suggest you get a coach who can guide you and help you achieve top results. A coach/mentor is an essential part of your success because they can guide and assist you. Notice I said assist – because you have to be prepared to do the work. Every day have your written plan and follow it and you will eventually reach the goals that you set yourself and then you create new goals and new plans. Follow what I am doing and you too can learn internet marketing.

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Sue McDonald


I have just finished a massive clean up of my office. Well what I am saying, I de-cluttered it. There was so much paperwork, that I had printed out over a matter of time that I really had to go through it and I ended up throwing a lot of it out. But while I was doing this I came across the skeleton of a blog that I was going to write and when I looked at it I thought why not write it now.

The thoughts were about what were the qualities you needed to become a success in any endeavor your ever attempted. Believe it or not, it really is your “mindset” but let me expand on that because not everyone understands that.Can you achieve your dreams

Your beliefs are the most powerful of forces. Henry David Thoreau puts it so well:
“What lies before us and what lies behind us
Are small matters compared to
What lies within us
And when we bring out what is within
Out into the world
Miracles happen.”

You must be committed – remember be committed not interested. YOU must be prepared to do the hard work. You must take the time to acquire the knowledge to be able to do whatever it is you want to do. Now a word of warning here, knowledge without action is useless. You have to have the inner belief in yourself that what you have conceived in your mind can be achieved. You have to set goals (a goal is only a dream with a definite time line.) If goals are not set down in writing, how do you know you are following the right path? By reviewing your goals, you can see what you have achieved and what the next step is.

What this comes down to that you are persistent and focused and that you do not stumble at any hurdle. If you come to a problem, whatever it may be, find a solution.

I remember as a child (I played the violin) being told – “practice makes perfect”. Sorry, I must not have practiced as well as I should have because I never reached the point of perfection there. But as an adult, this saying takes on a whole new meaning. The people who are successful are the people who will, if necessary, perform the same task over and over till they achieve the results they desire. No one is a success overnight –but we hear that many times, but later we hear the true story of how they have achieved their goals. There has been a lot of hard work before they were a success but one common thread, in every story like this, is they believed that they were going to achieve.

So if you have the desire to be successful, you may need help along the way. You may need to get a mentor to help you and keep you on track.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


Why is it that some people seem to succeed very easily and others seem to struggle? Do you know how to be sure that you can be a success in whatever field you chose? Setting Goals for Success

There are certain steps that are required to reach your desired level of success. The first thing required is for you to write out your goals. Now you have to look at a realistic way that you can achieve these goals. Break the goal down into manageable sections with realistic time frames to match. These rules basically apply to anything that you want to achieve in your life. You have to believe that want you want to accomplish is achievable. Your belief in yourself is paramount.

Your original goal maybe you want to lose 30 pounds. To lose this weight you have to change what you are doing at present especially in regards to what you are eating. You set yourself a time frame to achieve this. Let’s choose a period of 6 months. That means you have to lose 5 pound per month. As there are 26 weeks in 6 months your weight loss required is just over a pound per week. Now we have to take action and focus on what we want and be determined to succeed.

There is one easy way to accelerate the weight loss and that is to introduce an exercise regime into your daily life. Not only will exercise increase the weight loss but it is good for your health.

Every goal has to have some form of benefit. In the example above, you are going to be a lot healthier and feel more confident in how you look. So knowing the benefits will aid in your being successful.

So if you want to learn internet marketing, I would suggest that you write down your goals and be very realistic in what you want to achieve and by when. The best advice I could give you is to get yourself a good mentor. You would be better to pay a mentor than just buy everything that you are offered online. There are thousands of people who buy programs, software, books, courses etc who never even open them. So if you think success is eluding you, it may be that you have not written down your goals and you are not following a plan.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


Writing Your First BlogNow is the time to write your first blog. A blog is simply a web log or like an entry in your journal. Your first thoughts are probably what would interest people enough to keep them coming back to your site. What is the title of your first blog and what are you going to write?

If you are brand new to blogging then it is really simple. Basically, I want you to tell your story. I want you to tell what you have done till now and what are your dreams and aspirations all about. Tell everything about the struggles and any success you have had to date and how you plan to be successful online.

You may think that this would not be interesting to others but people are interested in your personal story. People want to know if you have been successful how they can do what you do. Through telling your story, you may prevent other people from going through the problems that you may have encountered. People love to model themselves on successful people.

It does not matter what niche you are in, the theory of blogging is still the same. When you write something that is interesting to others, they will return to your site over and over again. To enable you to communicate with your visitors, you should have an opt-in box on your page where your visitors can sign in for a free gift. By doing this you are able to collect their email addresses. This allows you to contact them and send them relevant information by email.

So start and write your content for your blog. Make it interesting and informative. Let people know how you are progressing with all that you are learning.

Here are some SEO tips when you are writing your blog. Have your main keyword in your blog title and include this keyword within the first twenty-five words. If you have five keywords use them throughout the blog but do not allow the density to be above two to three percent. This means these keywords appear only two or three times every hundred words. Always write your blog where you can spell check it.

If you want to include a picture – feel free to do so but only use royalty free photographs. Ensure that the picture is relevant to your blog. Has this been helpful information for you – leave me a comment and let me know.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

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Select the Perfect Domain NameHow do you select the perfect domain name? The name has to have four important components.
1. It must be easy to remember
2. It has to describe your business
3. It must be easy to spell
4. Must contain your main keyword

Whether you are going to use WordPress or build your site online, you have to register your domain name. If you do not want to register a domain, you could be setting yourself up to fail. There are free platforms were you can add content but you will never own that content. At any time, free platforms can close down your blog or post.

When you were deciding on your niche, you carried out some keyword research. Now using the main keyword you have chosen, write down five to ten possible domain names. Remember the most commercially viable domain always ends in dot com. When you have written them down, read each name out aloud.

Start eliminating the ones that are too hard to say or too hard to remember. You can reduce your list to three names that all adhere to the above criteria. I always buy my domains from Namecheap and always check for the coupon code before buying. Never use the same company where you buy your domain to host your domain.

Now is the time to go to a domain registrar and see if any of the domain names you have chosen are available. Start with the one that you believe will truly fit your business.  Always double check that you have spelt the name correctly before you hit the buy button.

Your domain name is the doorway to your business. Like with the doorway to your home, you want to make it welcoming for any visitors. Visitors are the life blood of your business.

Now that you have your domain name you have to get hosting. I have found the perfect place for hosting at Global NPN. Not only can you host your domain there but it contains all the tools, including an autoresponder, which you will ever need for your online business. Why not take a look and see what it provides for a monthly fee.

Has this information been helpful to you?

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If you use Aweber as your autoresponder, you need to know how to use it effectively.

Are you aware that Aweber charges you for all of the people on your lists including those who have unsubscribed? You are also charged for those people who have signed up to your list using a false email or they have now closed that email account. If for any reason  Aweber cannot deliver your email to an address you will be charged.

First let’s look at how to delete un-subscribers that you should not be paying for. If you have more than one list, you have to go through each list separately. Start at the top list and work your way one by one.

Log into your Aweber account. Up on the top toolbar go across to “subscribers” – click on the down arrow and select “search.” This is what the screen will look like.

 Aweber Unsubscribed


Go to the “View Segment” and click on the down arrow and select “unsubscribed.” This will bring up a complete list for that list who have unsubscribed. You will notice at the top of the list on the far right is a small box beside the word “Erase” and if you click there it will bring up a tick beside every unsubscriber’s name. Then go down to the bottom of the page on the right hand site and click “save.”

All the names will disappear from your screen and Aweber cannot charge you for them. The number of unsubscribes will still show on the home screen until you log out. When you log in the next time this number will disappear.

Now let’s get rid of the subscribers who have an undeliverable subscribers address. Go through each list separately. There is no point in paying for people on your list who are not receiving your email. There can be a few reasons why this happens. If it was a single opt-in, they could have given you a false email, or they could have closed their account. Using the same screen, click on the “View Subscribers”click on the down arrow and select “undeliverable subscribers.” Click on search and you will see how many of your emails are not delivered. Simply erase them as you did before.
Aweber Undeliverable Subscribers

Sometimes even though you are only using a single opt-in, you may notice there are some email address that require confirmation. The reason for this is that Aweber do not believe that these addresses are real. They may contain a few letters or numbers that make them look like spam. If these addresses are not confirmed, Aweber will drop them for your list in 30 days. So if you see them there it is not necessary to take any action regarding them.

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Your online business must provide good information and the subscriber must be satisfied that the product or service you are providing will help resolve some or all of their problems. If you can do this, there is a chance that they will tell others about the products or services you are providing.

This is theBuilding a List of Subscribers beginning of have “raving” fans. “Raving” fans are those that will continue to read your emails and buy your products.

As you start to get people visiting your site, you must capture the subscribers email address at a minimum. Some people also ask for the name but the name is not necessary. You have to create a series of follow up emails and the first email in the list thanks them for subscribing and again put the download link here just in case they had a problem.

To enable you to send these emails, you will need an autoresponder. In these emails, provide your subscribers with free information and you can also tell them about other products that you believe would be beneficial for them. Send them tips and strategies to help them improve their online business.

The best emails are often those that tell a story and keep the person interested but also have some factual content.

Go to forums in your niche and answer the most asked questions in your emails. Providing timely information will keep your subscribers opening your emails. Most forums will also allow a signature link which will appear at the bottom of your post. In here put the URL where you want to direct subscribers to.

You may even prefer to create an ebook and answer about eight to ten questions from the forums. Give the book away for free. Allow others to distribute it for you but on the condition they cannot change any of the internal links in the book.

There will be times when people will unsubscribe from your list. There are varying reasons for this but one is that they feel they are not getting value from you. That is why you have to really put an effort into writing your emails.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


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Hi I just watched a webinar and I would like to say it was back to basics. It reminded me where I first started learning internet marketing and where I am now. Yes what a journey this has been. Everybody who comes online has to start at the beginning and it seems so strange to think back to the start of when you were first learning how to get started.

I remembered my start and my first coach telling me to write a blog but before that I had to buy a domain name, set up hosting, paypal and then get an autoresponder.

I remember the first blog post I ever wrote about the beginning of a long journey. I had no idea about the internet and what I had to learn. I have a saying about internet marketing – “You don’t know what you don’t know.” That sounds a bit like a riddle but it is so true. Every step you take is a new adventure.

I remember first learning about WordPress and I had to pick a theme. Now that doesn’t sound hard but to a newbie it was daunting but then I was told if I didn’t like it I could change the theme. It was just a matter of finding the new one and uploading it (again I had to learn how to upload the theme). Then I had to learn about widgets and plugins. It seemed strange at the time because it seemed quite difficult but now I can create a site very quickly.

I remember the first time I was told to put a video into my blog from Youtube. Again I had to be shown how to do that. I was taught all of this over a few weeks. Seems strange to remember back to then when I wanted to earn my first dollar online.

That is a really exciting moment for an internet marketer, checking their account and seeing money, even if it only a few dollars, it makes you believe that it is possible to make money online. It makes all the work that you have done feel worthwhile. You want to tell everyone but the secret is you have to be able to consistently see the money come in before you can throw away your day job to go full time online.

Some people do not want to make millions but just help with a little extra cash that will give them the extras in life that they could not necessarily afford before. So whatever your dreams are I hope you achieve them.


A solo ad is when a product owner pays a marketer to email their list with the owners offer. You have to create a good sales funnel if you really want to benefit from the solo.

To be successful with a solo you must know the quality of the sellers list. Different vendors charge different amounts for solos. The clicks are usually cheaper per click the more you purchase. The average price ranges from 25cents to 50 cents.

What do you need to have a successful solo?

You must have a good offer and there is usually a backend offer as well. If your backend offer converts well, you can often sell enough products to cover the cost of the solo. The next important thing is the subject line of the email. You want a subject line that will get people to open the email. Let them know how the product can help them.

Then we will look at the body of the email. This is where you can really tell them what the product will do for them and why they should sign in to get it. You have to include a call to action here. When they click on the link in the email they will be taken to a squeeze page.

After a person signs in, it depends whether you use double or single optin, what the next action is required of them. Double optin requires that they click a link in an email they have been sent. Single optin will take them to a download or thank you page, where they will be offered your One Time Offer. If they do not want the paid product, there will be a link they can click to download their free gift.

Both the free product and the paid product must be in the same niche. The paid product is often an expansion of the information in the free product.

Some things to do before buying a solo

Before buying a solo, you may want to do a few small swaps and does a split test to see which email converts higher than the other. Test and tweak and when you know which one converts better, you are ready to purchase your solo.

Check out the reputation of the solo ad seller. Check out their testimonials and contact them to see if they are including their buyers list as well. You only want targeted traffic so only ever buy a solo in your own niche.

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Let me ask you – how is your day going? Are you getting all you want in your life right now? As an internet marketer are you seeing the success you deserve? I know that if you are not reaching the levels of success you want, you have to change some things in your life.

Well what an awesome day. Started chatting to a friend on skype this morning, before I got on with what I had to do, and it was great. We all want to stay in touch with people who are going to encourage you and make you feel great.

If you don’t have positive people in your life I would suggest that you come and join our group and you will meet some of the nicest people who can help you to become successful and make a good living online. Do you want to be an entrepreneur and join the top 3% online?

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This is a very powerful uplifting video. Take a look and let me know what you think, I love the music and the messages. Leave me a comment.

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