Your online business must provide good information and the subscriber must be satisfied that the product or service you are providing will help resolve some or all of their problems. If you can do this, there is a chance that they will tell others about the products or services you are providing.

This is theBuilding a List of Subscribers beginning of have “raving” fans. “Raving” fans are those that will continue to read your emails and buy your products.

As you start to get people visiting your site, you must capture the subscribers email address at a minimum. Some people also ask for the name but the name is not necessary. You have to create a series of follow up emails and the first email in the list thanks them for subscribing and again put the download link here just in case they had a problem.

To enable you to send these emails, you will need an autoresponder. In these emails, provide your subscribers with free information and you can also tell them about other products that you believe would be beneficial for them. Send them tips and strategies to help them improve their online business.

The best emails are often those that tell a story and keep the person interested but also have some factual content.

Go to forums in your niche and answer the most asked questions in your emails. Providing timely information will keep your subscribers opening your emails. Most forums will also allow a signature link which will appear at the bottom of your post. In here put the URL where you want to direct subscribers to.

You may even prefer to create an ebook and answer about eight to ten questions from the forums. Give the book away for free. Allow others to distribute it for you but on the condition they cannot change any of the internal links in the book.

There will be times when people will unsubscribe from your list. There are varying reasons for this but one is that they feel they are not getting value from you. That is why you have to really put an effort into writing your emails.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


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  1. I think the main benefit of having an email list is that it’s a good backup traffic source. If Google penalizes your site and you lose all your search traffic, you’ve always got your email list.

    Also, don’t hard-sell too much. You want to build a good relationship with your list so that you can funnel more traffic to your site and get more conversions.

  2. Hi Charles

    I agree building a relationship with your list is what it is all about. People like to see what you are offering and if you are giving them good information, then they will trust you.

    To YOUR success

    Sue McDonald

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