Do not let others words and opinions  shape your destiny.

This is one of the most inspirational videos that you will ever see. It shows what is possible if you believe in your own ability and take action.

So take action to achieve what ever you want to do.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

  3 Responses to “Are You Doing All You Can?”

  1. I have seen this video a few times over the years, and it still moves me to tears! He is incredible, beyond anyone thoughts about what he can/cant do 🙂
    I love how he runs at the end of the video, and the trainer had no idea {at first} that it was him!!! Sure goes to prove “the mind over matter” idea.

    • Hi Lisa

      Yes this guy certainly put his mind to work here. IT took him 10 months but what a difference he made to his life.

      To YOUR success


  2. As a legally blind individual, I run into many many challenges in marketing on a daily basis. Due to the fact that I do have limited vision, my ability to create graphics such as logos, banners, and other eye candy for a web site has indeed put a bit of a damper on what I can do with a site. However, I don’t let that stop me because I still create web sites even though they’re very simple sites that aren’t filled with the latest eye candy and such.

    I do whatever I can to improve upon my marketing skills and my web development skills whenever I can. Sure it is hard to make money online because it involves real work on your part, but without work, you see absolutely no results.

    This business requires for you to work hard and work smart. It requires that you put in at least 100 percent effort. The more dedicated you are to the cause, the faster you will go towards your success, and meeting your goals that you ahve set for yourself.

    Sure you’re going to experience some rough times in this business and that’s to be expected, but if you continue to stay focused, and don’t ever give up, then you will see results. Just like it takes time for your body to heal and for you to relearn something that you couldn’t do due to an injury, so it does with Internet marketing.

    You see, as long as you keep pushing forward and don’t give up, you will find your spot in the sun and you will reap the rewards from all your efforts. Success doesn’ happen overnight. It takes time for success to show itself, and it takes lots and lots of hard and smart work in order for you to reach your goals as an entrepreneur.

    Sure you’re going to get really really frustrated once in a while and you might even want to throw in the towl from time to time but don’t do that! Don’t spoil your dreams or throw them down the drain because something didn’t work for you.

    Just pick up where you left off, dust yourself off and continue down the road towards your success. Nobody ever said that the road to success was a smooth four lane highway now did they?

    No because more than likely, the road to success is a narrow, steap and very rocky road with lots of holes, rocks, drop-offs on either side and to make matters worse, sometimes even impassable. However, you’re supposed to keep on going in spite of all those things and try and reach success at all costs.

    Don’t let failures stop you. Let them be a lesson to learn from so that you don’t make the same mistakes again. You’ve heard the saying, no pain no gain right? Well the same can be said about online business as well. Just keep on trying, and don’t give up on yourself and your dreams. Just keep pressing onward and don’t look back, and never ever let negative people try to drag you down. Avoid those people like the plague and focus on hanging around those who can build you up, encourage you and help you along the way.

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