About Sue McDonald

I just wanted to introduce myself and give you some personal information. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – they advertise them by say “beautiful one day and perfect the next.”

sue's photoI love learning and a few years ago decided to go to the Australia Institute of Applied Sciences and study Oriental massage both Chinese and Japanese. I set up a business doing this but was lured back to work as an accountant. At the same time, I decided to become a distant student and enrolled in the University of Sedona to study Metaphysics.

I enrolled to do my PhD but so far have not completed it but the University gave me an exemption and I can complete it when I want. I completed my Bachelor and then my Masters degree.

Over the years, I worked mainly as an accountant but I really enjoy working on the internet. I discovered internet marketing by accident and I found it fascinating.

My Aim

My aim is to help people improve their lives. So many people do not realize how important it is to have the right mindset to accomplish what they want to do.
I enjoy traveling and there are still many places on my bucket list that I would love to see. I have a son who lives in Rhode Island so I have had many trips to the US but in the early days we would take a 16-21 day bus tour and then only spend 7-14 days with family and friends in RI.

I like to be healthy and practice yoga and have a personal trainer. No yoga is not a “hippie” practice but is very good to stay fit and flexible. The type of yoga I do is Shiatsu Yoga which is based on the Oriental system of meridians that run through the body. Take a look. This is my yoga teacher and the dojo where I practice.

This form of yoga is very beneficial. A person of any age can do it and in a very short time you will notice the benefits both to your health and your body fitness.

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