How valuable is your timeWell it is no big secret that I have not been online for a year or more and that is far too long to be away. Different things happened that stopped me from being online but it is now the time to get back to making my business successful. With a lot of help from my friend Rob Temple and others in the group, I feel that I will make it.

There is no better feeling than knowing that you are doing what you like but online marketing requires dedication and hard work. There can be no procrastination – you have to have a plan and work to that plan. For me, I still use my spiral note book to write out my notes. I have seen some mentors who have shown elaborate spread sheets detailing their plans but I like to keep it simple. You have to know what you want to achieve and then break it down into what you want to accomplish each month then each week. By writing these plans out clearly with a time frame in place, your goals are easier to complete. In your plans, allow yourself some free time – this may be time for you to do some physical exercise or to spend time with family and friends.

Now that you know the direction you are going to take – start immediately. Remember that along the way, there could be failure as well as success.There is no such thing as permanent failure. Every day is another day to learn. If you feel that you have failed at a particular task – learn from your mistakes. There is no satisfaction in beating yourself up. We have all heard that doing the same wrong thing over and over again and achieving the same bad results – is a form of insanity.

Life in general gives us lots of challenges along the way. If you are trying to succeed online and haven’t to date, can you tell me the reason why? Is it lack of time, or are you not totally committed or do you lack the knowledge, or do you need some help to be successful? If this is the case then I suggest you get yourself a coach and the faster the better.