Writing Your First BlogNow is the time to write your first blog. A blog is simply a web log or like an entry in your journal. Your first thoughts are probably what would interest people enough to keep them coming back to your site. What is the title of your first blog and what are you going to write?

If you are brand new to blogging then it is really simple. Basically, I want you to tell your story. I want you to tell what you have done till now and what are your dreams and aspirations all about. Tell everything about the struggles and any success you have had to date and how you plan to be successful online.

You may think that this would not be interesting to others but people are interested in your personal story. People want to know if you have been successful how they can do what you do. Through telling your story, you may prevent other people from going through the problems that you may have encountered. People love to model themselves on successful people.

It does not matter what niche you are in, the theory of blogging is still the same. When you write something that is interesting to others, they will return to your site over and over again. To enable you to communicate with your visitors, you should have an opt-in box on your page where your visitors can sign in for a free gift. By doing this you are able to collect their email addresses. This allows you to contact them and send them relevant information by email.

So start and write your content for your blog. Make it interesting and informative. Let people know how you are progressing with all that you are learning.

Here are some SEO tips when you are writing your blog. Have your main keyword in your blog title and include this keyword within the first twenty-five words. If you have five keywords use them throughout the blog but do not allow the density to be above two to three percent. This means these keywords appear only two or three times every hundred words. Always write your blog where you can spell check it.

If you want to include a picture – feel free to do so but only use royalty free photographs. Ensure that the picture is relevant to your blog. Has this been helpful information for you – leave me a comment and let me know.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

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Installing WordPress is very easy with any hosting company who has cpanel. Let’s go back to Hostgator and I will show you how it is done.
Install WordPress using Cpanel

This is what your cpanel or control panel looks like. Now scroll down towards the bottom of the page till you see Software/Services.
Installing WordPress using Cpanel

Now what we are looking for is “Fantastico De Luxe”, and there it is on the second line. Fantastico allows you to add many scripts/programs to your website, but all we want to add is WordPress . Click on the icon Fantastico. You will then be taken to this page.
installing wordpress

Click on WordPress and proceed to the next screen.
installing wordpress using cpanel (4)

Here you just click on New Installation and it will all be done for you automatically. Click on the down arrow beside “Install on domain” and choose the domain where you and to install WordPress.
installing wordpress using cpanel (5)

Click on “Install WordPress.” When it is installed you will be allowed access to your WordPress site. You will have to sign in using your Admin access codes. When you do this you will be taken to the dashboard. Record this information on your computer using Roboform.

Congratulations you have installed WordPress. Now the next step is to write some content for your blog and in the next post I will give you some ideas.

To YOUR success

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After picking a niche and getting the perfect domain name, you need to get hosting and an auto-responder. As my main hosting company and auto-responder, I have chosen the one company Global NPN to perform both functions. I still have hosting with Hostgator and my auto-responder with Aweber but I am moving everything to Global NPN.

Do You Have Access to the Best Hosting and AutoresponderSo let me review each of the above. Hostgator is a very popular hosting site that offers you a “baby plan” where you can have unlimited domains. Now although this company says you have unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, please read this blog on some of the major hosting companies. I signed up with them when I first came online and I am charged $9.95US per month.

The first auto-responder I signed up to was Aweber. The first month costs you $1 and these are their charges after your first month.

Up to 500               $19
500 – 2500             $29
2501 – 5000          $49
5001 – 10000        $69
10001 – 25000      $149

Now let’s look at Global NPN which has been around since 2005 and has a proven track record. Global NPN is more than a hosting company and an auto responder. It has all the tools you will ever require to run a successful business. It also has tracking tools and if you have ever paid for tracking you will know how expensive some companies are. So I did not renew the tracking I had which was costing me $97 per year. I intend to do away with of Aweber and Hostgator.

So if you have purchased you domain name and you now go to your hosting company to synchronize your hosting company and your domain registrar. What we have to do is link the two together.

To be able to do this, you need your DNS (Domain Name Server) information from your hosting service.

Your hosting company will have sent you a welcome email and inside you can find this information. If you did not get an email contact the company and ask for it. The information you have been provided should have something like NS1 and NS2 at the beginning. NS simply stands for Name Server.

The next step is to go to the company where you purchased your domain.

Click on the domain name and you should be able to “edit” the name server. You have to enter both name servers. Don’t forget to click on the save button before closing. Once you have entered this information it could take up to 48hours for your domain to be ready.

So being perfectly honest I have to recommend Global NPN because it is much more cost effective as well as all the tools it provides. You can have up to 25,000 subscribers before the price increases.

So take a look at Global NPN for yourself and leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Tomorrow I will tell you how to upload WordPress using Cpanel.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


Select the Perfect Domain NameHow do you select the perfect domain name? The name has to have four important components.
1. It must be easy to remember
2. It has to describe your business
3. It must be easy to spell
4. Must contain your main keyword

Whether you are going to use WordPress or build your site online, you have to register your domain name. If you do not want to register a domain, you could be setting yourself up to fail. There are free platforms were you can add content but you will never own that content. At any time, free platforms can close down your blog or post.

When you were deciding on your niche, you carried out some keyword research. Now using the main keyword you have chosen, write down five to ten possible domain names. Remember the most commercially viable domain always ends in dot com. When you have written them down, read each name out aloud.

Start eliminating the ones that are too hard to say or too hard to remember. You can reduce your list to three names that all adhere to the above criteria. I always buy my domains from Namecheap and always check for the coupon code before buying. Never use the same company where you buy your domain to host your domain.

Now is the time to go to a domain registrar and see if any of the domain names you have chosen are available. Start with the one that you believe will truly fit your business.  Always double check that you have spelt the name correctly before you hit the buy button.

Your domain name is the doorway to your business. Like with the doorway to your home, you want to make it welcoming for any visitors. Visitors are the life blood of your business.

Now that you have your domain name you have to get hosting. I have found the perfect place for hosting at Global NPN. Not only can you host your domain there but it contains all the tools, including an autoresponder, which you will ever need for your online business. Why not take a look and see what it provides for a monthly fee.

Has this information been helpful to you?

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

Choosing a Profitable Niche

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Choosing a profitable niche is one way to sell a product or service online. If you are brand new to the internet and want to make money, there are several ways that this can be achieved. There are several ways to choose your niche but most people will tell you to pick something you know a lot about or you are passionate about. That may be true but if your passion is about something that would not be interesting to others, then you will have to choose something else.

Choosing a Profitable nicheNow when you first start your online business, you have to decide what niche you are going to be working in. There are several very popular niches and if you are just starting out, you may or may not want to try them. Three of the most popular are:
Internet Marketing
Health and Fitness
Weight Loss

Now being popular does not mean that you would not be successful in that niche. You would have to find a sub-niche or a micro niche. If you were going to look at health and fitness and you were passionate about yoga, as an example – you may pick a sub niche like “Staying Fit and Healthy Practicing Yoga.”

There are some really easy ways to ascertain if your passion or interest can be profitable.

1. See if there are already products being sold in that niche – just go to Google and type in your keywords. This will show you how many sites there are when you type in that particular keyword.

2. Check at Amazon and see if there is a magazine and or a book about it. There may be several magazines about your chosen niche.

3. Next head over to Clickbank and see if there are any books about it there.

4. Go to the Dummies book site and see if there is a book in the Dummies Group.

5. Now also use the Google keyword tool to check how many people are searching for that niche keyword.

If you have established that it is a profitable niche, then your next step is to register your domain name.

Let me know if you have found some of these suggestions helpful.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

How Do You Increase Productivity Through Better Use Of Your Time?

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Have you ever thought how do you increase productivity through better use of your time? Your time is one of the most valuable assets you have. When I say your time is valuable, I am not referring to the monetary value but to how valuable it is to use time wisely.

It is something that you should consider very seriously. Time is one commodity that cannot be replaced or replenished. Unlike when you pantry or refrigerator are empty, you simply restock them.How valuable is your time

However we cannot get back the time that has passed. We have to learn to make the most use of the time that is available to us. That does not mean we do not allocate our time to include work time, family time, relaxation time and sleep time.

Every person is an individual and therefore there are times in our lives when we have to prioritize and some other area in our lives may suffer as a result. If you are a person who has a heavy workload at work make sure you talk to the family about it and let them know it is only for a limited period.

You can achieve maximum productivity as long as you manage your time to the best of your ability. To manage your time to the best of your ability, you must be organized. This is especially true when you are working online. Open a file or a folder for each individual project you are working on. This is a great way to save time because it is very easy to find all the related material together.

One important tip I should give you here is to keep focused on one project at a time. If you try more than one thing at a time, you tend to become distracted.

Another time saver online is to record all user names and passwords. As the weeks and months go by, when working online you will join more sites and it is a total waste of time if you forget either the user name or password that enable you to sign in.

I would suggest that you use RoboForm to enable you to keep user names and passwords secure. You can store your logins either on your desktop or laptop or a flash drive and it available also for a Mac.

Get into the habit at the end of the day write out your plans for the next day. If you haven’t done this make sure that you write down your plans at the start of a new day and as you complete each task, draw a line through it.

Being organized is the key to being a success. Leave me a comment and let me know if you are making the best use of your time.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


One of the most important component to list building is rapport and trust. Internet marketers often discuss the idea of list building amongst themselves. It is one of those areas of the online business world that is known to be quite lucrative, but seems to lurk in the shadows when you try to figure out the success formula.An Important Component to List Building

Some marketers seem to have a knack for turning lists into millions of dollars each year while others cannot seem to get one person to sign up for their list. The question becomes: What is the most important component to building a list successfully?

There really is one major part of list building that must be applied for it to work. Without this component, there is no chance that the list will be an income producer. Building rapport and trust: Let’s face facts – no one will sign up to be on the mailing list of a SALES PERSON.

As an example, would you call up your local telemarketer and ask to be put on a monthly list of people they can call and harass? Most likely, you would rather have a root canal than talk to a telemarketer several times a month, right?

Well the same can be said for internet surfers. If they smell a sales pitch, they are going to run the other way. No one wants to be sold to. However, they do want to be appreciated, informed and rewarded for their patronage to your site.

How do you inform and reward your website visitors? The answer is by giving them something of value for FREE. This does not mean giving them rehashed PLR content that they can find online for free.

This means giving them information that makes them wonder why you are giving it away for free! You want your customer to imagine how wonderful your other products are that do cost money. After all, if they got such great information for free, what will they get when they pay?

List building truly can be a money maker, but the very first step has to be building trust and giving something for nothing.

Someone has to step up first, and that is you as the site owner. You must say “Here, take this free information as a thank you for putting your name and email address in the box.” Then the follow up begins!

Remember, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald