ScreenHunter_10 Jan. 27 13.11If you ask any marketer – what are some things that you find the hardest to do? You will receive a lot of different answers but most will tell you getting traffic and list building. It is not just a matter of building a list you also have of cultivate a relationship with that list.

Here are some ways that you may already be aware of and you may even be using them. You want the maximum traffic you can get. When you are writing for any platform always read their terms of service and be aware of the value of SEO.

Go to Squidoo and write a lens and create a back link to your site. Then go to Hubpages and write a post there. Both Squidoo and Hubpages are favored by Google.

If you are blogging – re post your blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Google+ and Delicious. Add you latest blog to Google bookmarks. These all point back to your site.

Go to forums in your niche and make sure you include your site in your signature link.

Now they are the most know ways to get traffic and there are other as well but I have found some recently that I never knew existed. So I would like you to grab my free report that tells you some other methods.

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I know that we all want different things in life and that is only natural but most of us want some form of success whether it be your job, your education or your relationship. If you really want to know how to achieve that success you should watch this video. I know that it might seem like a long video but if you want to change your life in any way, watch this to learn how.

To YOUR success

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Have you ever found that your mind wanders and you have to stop yourself and get back to what you were doing? If people are truthful with themselves this could happen more than they like to admit. Even when I am practicing yoga, I am already thinking of what do I have to do next. If you are working online, you have to remain persistent to achieve your goals.

Some people are excellent at staying focused while others have a lot of trouble. My suggestion to you is to have a written down list of the things you want to accomplish during that day. The things that you want to write down are those things that do not fit into your normal routine. Everyone has a routine where they do the same thing day in and day out. That is the easy part but the things that you don’t do every day, but you want to achieve, are the things you have to put on your list.

Keep the list in front of you and attempt to do the most difficult thing on your list first. It depends on the amount of time you have available to you how much you can achieve every day. If you try the most difficult task first, you often have a more alert and fresher mind and will find it relatively easily.

It is really a matter of training yourself to stay focused. When you do achieve the first task on your list – give yourself a break and a reward. It may be that you go and have a coffee and leave your computer for a small break. When you have a break you come back and focus on the next task you want to complete.

It is just a matter of working through your list one thing at a time. Don’t start jumping from one thing to the next because you will never feel that you are getting anywhere.

Now if you feel that for you to succeed this year, you need help, why not get yourself a coach/mentor? I can thoroughly recommend my coach and I know for a one off payment of $97 you will have a life time access to the teaching site and the group skype room. There are no hidden costs and most of your tools will be given to you for free. Go take a look.


When you feel at your lowest and you feel like quitting watch this inspirational video and think again. Yes it has been around for a while now but there is a moral to the story that everyone should take heed of.

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ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 08 16.46Well we are now a few days into 2013 and what are we all looking forward to.

Christmas and New Year are both gone and now is the time to implement the plans you have for this year. If you have not written your plans out yet – do it now and do not procrastinate. Procrastination is a nasty enemy and a waster of your time.

My plans are really quite simple – and I believe they will lead to success for me and any others involved with me. The secret to success is to stay focused on one project at any one time – not to jump from one idea to the other.

This is where some people have difficulty. They cannot seem to settle on the one thing and complete a project. There are too many bright shiny objects that they see and they tend to think that there is an easier way to make money. I have been guilty of that in past years too but I learnt how much money I was wasting and not achieving my real goals.

My first task is to build a bigger list. There are multiple ways to do this and I plan to use many method – some that not many people use. My coach/mentor is showing me how.

I plan to release a major product before the end of January and then I have to promote it. This will the first for the year and others will follow. There is nothing more satisfying that achieving what you have planned. Creating your own product is one of the most important ways to make money. When you want to create a product make sure that it is something that people want.

Go to the forums in your niche and see what questions people are asking most often. When you find that the same questions are being asked repeatedly, you can then look at creating a product that will answer these questions. When you do this you create a product that will be in demand. This is a sure way for you to be able to make sales.

This year set your goals and work towards them. If you need help – you have to ask. Google is a great place to start when you are looking at how things are done but if you need further help you will have to ask.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald