ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 30 11.05If only 3-5 percent of marketers are successful, are you going to part of this group? Let me give you some of the rules that successful people use in all walks of life. This is the difference between the person who is interested and the person who is committed. This is what the committed person will do.

1. Be persistent, focused and take action. Don’t make excuses why they cannot do something – just make a start and do it. If you need help always ask.

2. Always believe that you can achieve your dreams. Whatever you want to achieve will require a plan and it is advisable to write out you plan. This is like a road map and at all times you can see where you are at on your journey to success.

3. You must be consistent and persevere and do not allow other people to tell you that you will not succeed. Do not doubt your own abilities.

4. Be assured that you are going to be successful. You know what you want so just work towards it.

5. If you encounter any problems, find a solution and keep moving forward. Maintain a positive “can do” attitude if you encounter problems or challenges.

Then we look at the world of the interested person.

1. They tell everyone what they want but they have a million excuses why they cannot have what it. Some of the excuses maybe – “I don’t have enough time” or “I have insufficient funds at this time.” They have no plan how they can reach their goals.

2. They like to blame others when they do not achieve. They will give reasons why something did or didn’t happen but they will not try and solve the problem and move forward.

3. Normally the interested person is a procrastinator. They may start a project but never seem to find the time to complete it. Again there will be a lot of reasons given why it is impossible to finish the project.

4. They lack consistency and the drive to achieve but they often believe that they haven’t succeeded because of others. If you ask them why they have not achieved their desired results, they will always give you a reason that has prevented them from achieving success.

Don’t be just interested but instead be committed. Know that what you start you are going to finish. You may have to alter your plans along the way but always strive to keep positive and achieve your dreams.


Well what have I really accomplished this year? I guess that is a question a lot of us ask ourselves at the end of every year. The year has flown so fast it is hard to believe it is almost gone. It has really been a good year for me in some ways and in other ways not so good.

One of the better things that have happened is that I finally found a coach/mentor who is more interested in his students that the almighty dollar. This is rare in the field of internet marketing as most people who claim they can teach you are selling you exorbitantly priced courses that only allow you a limited time to complete the course.

List Driven Profits is completely different. When you join up you have access to the course for ever more. Another thing that is a great advantage is that Craig will personally answer your support tickets. I have done other courses and the support system was very poor and you could wait for 2-3 days to have your inquiry answered and sometimes it took longer.

You have access to a skype room where people are more than welcome to help you. There are people there willing to use their expertise to answer any queries that you may have .

So what are my plans for 2013? Next year I am going to launch a new product that I have had professionally created. It will be great and I can’t wait to see the final result. At the moment I have only been shown some of the pages. I plan to build a solid business that will generate a weekly income for me. For the first few months of the year, I will be concentrating on building a larger list.

What plans do you have? If you have not been as successful as you would like, you owe it to yourself to have a look at the course I am doing. If you want to make money online and have never built a list or created your own product, then I am sure this course would change that for you. I would like to see you succeed and have a great future in internet marketing.

There would be no better New Year’s resolution than to tell yourself that 2013 is YOUR year and you are going to be successful and if you want, you can quit your job. There are so many ways for you to be able to generate a steady stream of income to help you secure a future for you and your family. If this is what you want to learn how to so this and more check out this course.

To YOUR success

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ScreenHunter_03 Dec. 17 16.31Do you know? If so can you tell me? The blog is like a door that is opened into your world online. This is where you meet your visitors and start building that all important relationship with them.

There are techniques that I will share with you that  to increase your opening rates and also increase the rate of sales of your products that you are offering your subscribers.

Do you know why: –

1. You do not seem to have a lot of visitors to your blog?

2. Why are you not getting people to return to your blog?

3. Even though you are constantly putting up new content people are not clicking through to buy your products?

A great many people online are looking for EASY solutions to their problems. Your blog should be one of high quality but some marketers are using PLR articles. Now we all know that this is wrong because if the same article is repeated time and time again, Google will only ever search it once.

Yes the article can be looked at favorably by Google but your audience will not like the same articles that they have seen before. PLR articles will not allow you to build a relationship with your audience.

If you are going to be lazy and just use PLR you are going to lose subscribers and these are the reasons why.

Remember why that person came to your blog in the first place. They were looking for a SOLUTION and PLR does not always give them that solution.

PLR articles, if posted as is, are usually poor quality and people look at that and leave your site.

You have established yourself as an expert in you chosen field while you are building your blog and if you use PLR you will destroy your own creditability. People, that have trusted you previously, will now not trust you. People visit your blog to find a solution or answers so make sure that they will enjoy the experience.

Make sure that each blog post you write is about helping your audience. Give them step by step solutions that they can use. You may think that you are writing a blog that is free for anyone to read but the truth here is that your readers are using their valuable time reading what you have written.

So to overcome these problems make sure that the reader is getting valuable information while on your site. Most people come just to see if you are the one who can help them so give them the information you believe they are seeking and you will have return visitors.

To YOUR  success

Sue McDonald



Is your life going the way you want it to or are you stuck in a place where you don’t want to be? There are times when our troubles seem too great for us and this is the time that you have to make changes.

There is no reason that you should accept a life where you are not happy and enjoying yourself. If there are parts of your life you want to change – it is possible and all you have to do is change your mindset. This means you shift your thoughts from the “why me” victim mentality to taking responsibility and allow yourself to feel empowered.

The way to accomplish this is to declare to yourself what it is you want in your life. Believe in the philosophy that something amazing is going to happen and know that this is only the beginning.

Regardless of what has happened to you in the past, the past is the past. It is not tangible – you cannot touch it. The past is a series of thoughts in your head. Just be present in the present. The future is just that – something to come and we are not really sure what it will bring. The future is our way of taking control and allowing ourselves to create the life of our dreams.

Choose your friends

Every object and every person vibrates at a different frequency. This was proven in Quantum Physics time and time again. Be very careful with the people you choose as your friends. You only want people around you who are going to be positive and help elevate your thoughts as well. Always maintain a positive attitude because the energy you give out will come back to you. You are responsible for the energy that you share.

So that is why you must aim to vibrate at a high level because at this level you will be in a place of love, joy, tranquility and gratitude. You know how you feel when you are with people whom you love. Your mood is elevated and the world is a great place.

Limiting Beliefs

Are you limiting your future by being realistic? Do you want to achieve a better future but you tell yourself that you don’t know how to get there because you have that nagging thought that you should be practical. Throw that thought away right now. Do not limit your future. Think what you want to earn and achieve in the next twelve months. If you want to earn $1,000,000 know that it is possible. Remember the Law of Attraction – you attract what you want as long as you have a goal and take action to achieve it.

When we were younger our thoughts and actions were guided by our parents, teachers and others. They sometimes limited our belief that changed our way of thinking and prevented us from following our dreams. They were always telling us to be realistic in what to expect in our lives. You and only you can change your life – going from where you are now to where you want to be.


Meditation is a perfect way to accomplish a change in your life. When you meditation you are able to find balance, peace and harmony in your life. Meditation allows you to relax and de-clutter your thoughts and implant the idea into your conscious and subconscious that you will achieve all that you want. Give yourself permission to move forward in your life and reach the goals you want to achieve.
To YOUR success

Sue McDonald



In my last blog I talked about mindset. Now this time I would like to take that a little bit further. Why is it that some marketers are making obscene amount of money each and every month and the rest are hardly making anything at all?

Some people unfortunately believe that the successful entrepreneur knows something special or that they have software that is not available to us small marketers. Well let me tell you here and now – they have nothing more than is available to you and I. They had no special programs or software.

What do they do differently to the normal internet marketer? Let’s look at some of those that are very successful and how you can follow in their foot steps. I have personally met some of these marketers and apart from their success online they walk on the same Earth and breathe the same air as we do. I won’t mention any names but I actually have photographs with some of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing business.

Some of these marketers have great stories to tell how they started with nothing and they achieved great success. When they started, they were just like any other person new online. They had exactly the same resources and programs that are available to YOU. There is no secret formula that propelled them to success. Most of them use exactly what you do – WordPress, Paypal, and an autoresponder.

So before these people started to make the big dollars they did everything for themselves. They were not outsourcing but putting in countless hours trying to figure it all out but I do know a lot of these marketers who “made” it into the “big time” did have mentors and today they have formed a master mind group and it cost $30,000 a year to be a part of that group.

Now for you to succeed, the number one thing you must do is write down your goals and be prepared to take action and stay focused to achieve all that you want. You have to be prepared to work hard but if you really want to succeed get yourself a coach/mentor to put you on the right path. If you do this you will be able to achieve success at a much faster rate. Instead of taking years, it will only take you a few months.

So I suggest that you take action and join List Driven Profits. I have had a few teachers and mentors online but I will tell you that Craig Caron is the best I have ever had. So if you want to learn and earn then I suggest you sign up and be the success that you can be.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald